Operation #EFAD: D Minus 5

Communiqué #3: D-Day Minus Five, February 25

Today’s mission is to crank up the RPMs on our internet “viralocity” engine. We’re going to feed raw ether into the carb, and really make that motor scream! This will be done using Twitter as our accelerant of choice. But to accomplish this, you need to know a few things about how Twitter works.

First, I need to get this out of the way. Yes, in many ways Twitter is pretty lame. And since you are already active on Facebook and other forums and blogs, you don’t want to join Twitter. I understand this completely. I felt this way for years.

That said, Twitter does some things extremely well, that other internet engines just don’t do. It is an indispensable “cross-linking” hub for the entire internet. In the “viralocity” kingdom, Twitter is King, Queen, and Duke. It’s free, and you can create an anonymous Twitter @handle in about one minute. After Operation #EFAD, you can retire your Twitter account, or dive deeper into it: it’s up to you. But to participate to the max in Operation #EFAD, a Twitter account is necessary.

But Twitter is not like Facebook or blogs or websites. Twitter is different, and you need learn a few simple things to understand it. I promise, this will be short, easy, and painless.

First: Twitter text messages, which are limited to only 140 characters, are NOT the point of Twitter. They exist only to point people to internet hyperlinks, or pictures. The “message” is just a brief description of the content at the hyperlink, and why you should click it and go there. The hyperlink addresses don’t count against your 140 characters. That, my friends, is the essence of Twitter. Now you know!

Second: Not many of your Twitter “Followers” (those that will see the tweet appear in their timeline) or anybody actively searching the stream for a given #Hashtag group (like #EFAD) are paying attention at that moment, and hence Tweets quickly disappears into the ether. It’s not like Facebook or emails, where you can easily go back days and days to see old messages. For the hours that you are not actively reading your timeline, all of the tweets that came in might as well not even exist! They are literally water over the dam. They don’t count anymore.

Twitter exists Here and Now. Then…it’s gone. This is simplified, but it’s the gist of Twitter. If you are a Twitter nube because of Operation #EFAD, you will not begin with any followers. Don’t worry about it. You can still be a great soldier in the Twitter portion of the Operation #EFAD campaign with zero followers, as I will explain in a moment.

There are three keys to getting a hashtag like #EFAD to “trend” upward at any significant level:

1. Having a massive group of people Tweeting about Operation #EFAD as close to 24×7 as possible is the goal. The more Followers that each person has, the more people will see #EFAD in their respective timelines. If I tweet a dozen tweets about anything in a 15 minute period, only those people that are following me and are actively reading their timelines during those 15 minutes will ever see the tweets. If I add some popular group hashtags like #tcot (top conservatives on Twitter) to the tweet, then I have the chance that anyone on Twitter (whether they follow me or not) that is actively reading the #tcot hashtag will see my tweets.

Here are some popular conservative #groups to start with: #NRA #RKBA #survival #preppers #SHTF #redstate #big govt #tcot #tlot (libertarians)

2. You can also Tweet directly at people (such as this sample Tweet: @MattBracken48 – did you hear about Operation #EFAD??) Including specific people’s Twitter handles in your tweet will cause those tweets to be collected in the person’s “@Connect – Interactions” space. This way when they click their “@Connect” at any time, your tweet will appear there, even if it is a few hours old.


3. Now here is the real key, and where a complete nube with zero followers is as fully mission capable as any old Twitter hand: Please encourage as much Re-Tweeting (RT) as possible! This is how things really go viral! Send a new tweet or a retweet that says something like: “Please RT — Operation #EFAD is important!” or “RT if you know how important #EFAD is going to be!” But also include some @names or #groups to the retweet, so the circle of new folks learnig of Operation #EFAD will grow and grow.

Right now I have about 130 or so Twitter Followers. (I only joined a week ago, in order to conduct this national covert op.) If I tweet something out now, and half of my Followers are reading their timeline, then I get about 60 pairs of eyeballs on my tweet. This does not include folks who found my tweet due to a related #group inserted into the tweet. If just three of my Followers will RT the tweet, then it is seen by however many of those three folks’ Followers are reading. So if of those three that RT me, it could be something like this:
Susan, who lives to tweet, Retweeted your tweet to her 7,887 followers.
Peter Retweeted your tweet to his 125 followers.
John, another nube like you, Retweeted your tweet to his 17 followers. But one of them was the CEO of a famous corporation in the gun-making business, who hears of Operation #EFAD for the very first time after going to the Communiques link. And he likes the idea. A lot.

So now our reach is expanding by leaps and bounds, and the odds of getting millions of new “eyes” on our Operation #EFAD tweets will dramatically increase. Many of the Tweets and Retweets, besides containing #EFAD, should contain this link:


This copied and pasted hyperlink will take new people to the Operation #EFAD Communique page, where they can get fully up to speed and come aboard for the culmination of the mission.

I will Tweet about #EFAD as often as I can, and we cam all try to solicit RTs. We need to get a LOT of folks doing this as often as possible. It’s log-rolling. It’s spinning. It’s sheer, crass mass-manipulation. It’s a great weapon in our armory!

Twitter is how “escape viralocity” is achieved, because the objective is to turn Operation #EFAD into a national phenomenon on D-Day, March 1.

In addition, all of us Twitter nubes who are tweeting and retweeting about Operation #EFAD will begin to gain like-minded Followers of our own, which will extend our reach organically.

So let’s play manipulate the mainstream media, for a change! Don’t you just love the idea of whip-sawing those elite liberal media bastards with a covert psyop organized right from the heart of the Bitter Clinger Nation? Just for once? Turn the tables, and make the MSM the patsies in Operation #EFAD?

Personally, I’m loving it!


9 responses to “Operation #EFAD: D Minus 5

  1. Prairie Fire

    I don’t do Facebook. I don’t do Twitter. Are you leaving me behind? Other folks also, will be left. Do you want us?

    • Feral Underclass

      Those wishing to support Matt Bracken’s Operation #EFAD can do so, even without going down the black hole of Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of current-gen social media.

      Simply run the following search through as many search engines as you can, a couple times a day:

      Operation #EFAD

      Then send an email such as the following to local and national media of your choice, at the time directed by Matt:

      Why aren’t your reporters covering this Operation #EFAD?

      Seems with the information at this link:


      you’d be wanting to spread the word about this domestic terrorism activity. Books like EFAD and that other one about the gun nuts in Wyoming – http://www.neitherpredatornorprey.com/ – have the potential to inflame violence and endanger all of the progress that has been made over the past four years.


      Alias First and Last

      Do the same at your choice of liberal/comsymp sites and venues, including physical locations in your area.

      Your imagination should be let free to wander, as long as you stay synched with the timing of Matt’s initiative.

  2. I created an FB and Twitt thing just for this. It is not hard. I will simply use them for “operational” purposes only in the future.

  3. Prairie Fire: Advertise any way you wish. Buy the ebook next Thursday. The purpose of the marketing push is to push up the Amazon statistics for the book. Whatever works…

  4. Do you ever e-mail anyone? Do you have any friends? This is a free book, a give-away (which I have read and recommend) on 3/1. Send the links to it in your correspondence. Tell your friends about it, and tell them to tell their friends. You don’t need FB or Twitter or any other social app. Spread the word any way you can.

  5. Go to the Blaze dot com and scroll to the lower right of the page, “GOT A NEWS TIP” and ask “Why aren’t you covering #EFAD?” and hit enter.
    Do the same with all the MSM news outlets you read. If no ‘news tipper’ button, use “CONTACT US” and ask why they’re not covering #EFAD. Do the same with all the Tv station sites you visit.
    Like many, I’m not on FB or Twitter or any other social sites, but it’s easy to get the word out to MSM and private news outfits.

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  7. Twitter is a septic symptom of the intellectual disintegration of our time.

    No one adept with the English language would waste their time on it.

    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

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