Operation #EFAD Observations

Those wishing to support Matt Bracken’s Operation #EFAD can do so, even without going down the black hole of Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of current-gen social media.

Simply run the following search through as many search engines as you can, a couple times a day:

Operation #EFAD

Then send an email such as the following to local and national media of your choice, at the time directed by Matt:

Why aren’t your reporters covering this Operation #EFAD?

Seems with the information at this link:


you’d be wanting to spread the word about this domestic terrorism activity. Books like EFAD and that other one about the gun nuts in Wyoming – http://www.neitherpredatornorprey.com/ – have the potential to inflame violence and endanger all of the progress that has been made over the past four years.


Alias First and Last

Do the same at your choice of liberal/comsymp sites and venues, including physical locations in your area.

Your imagination should be let free to wander, as long as you stay synched with the timing of Matt’s initiative.


4 responses to “Operation #EFAD Observations

  1. Can you actually buy those shirts?

  2. Neither Predator Nor Prey gives some nice thought to how folks should respond to LEO road blocks for searching vehicles. Loved it.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Yes, I said same thing last year.
      Great solution to irritants. But never forget to look up, and put out side security. Ain’t as easy as it used to be.