#EFAD Tactical Tip

(Photo by Oleg Volk; for an explanation, read EFAD)

Commenter JSW sends:

Go to the Blaze dot com and scroll to the lower right of the page, “GOT A NEWS TIP” and ask “Why aren’t you covering #EFAD?” and hit enter.

Do the same with all the MSM news outlets you read. If no ‘news tipper’ button, use “CONTACT US” and ask why they’re not covering #EFAD.

Do the same with all the TV station sites you visit.

Like many, I’m not on FB or Twitter or any other social sites, but it’s easy to get the word out to MSM and private news outfits.


2 responses to “#EFAD Tactical Tip

  1. That is not how I’ve pictured Ms. Bardiwell. (For an explanation, read EFAD).

  2. Wow- thank you for such a lovely picture, CA. But I look nearly exactly like the guy in #EFAD # 4.
    But what I wrote is so easy to do. Every local Tv station has a website and has a “TIPS” page. Also newspapers and radio station blogs. So it’s very easy to get them thinking about something, whether they check it out or not.
    Also, if you’re hooked into your local news rag comment section, you can post it there. Simple to do. Just write, “What is this #EFAD I keep hearing about?” and someone is going to look it up.
    Thanks for the post.
    Shy III