“Extend And Pretend” Is Coming To An End

Big ugliness en route.

Are you ready?

Alea iacta est.

9 responses to ““Extend And Pretend” Is Coming To An End

  1. Prairie Fire

    From the pic, it may be the vacant concourse of an airport. Or from the text, it may be that the pic refers to a vacant shopping mall.

    In either case, it is real unlikely that I will be visiting either place within my lifetime… in the case of airports, it’s because I have basically refused to fly for ten years, given the Other Folk’s way of looking at people like Me. If the pic is of an empty shopping mall… sorry (not really) to say that I don’t live with a couple hours of one, and don’t want to expand the shopping mall radius just yet.

    Per the written post: It might be best to bring on the Big Ugly sooner rather than later. Us old folks will be dying off, with our skills and abilities. Younger readers, with less of both abilities and skills, might think some on that, as they contemplate on where they will be left.

  2. TPTB will keep the balls juggling in the air until after Barry is reelected. Then Hell will be upon us.

  3. Prairie Fire

    I hope you think hard about ending the moderation of posts. I am offended by it.

    Thinking back on the causes that would make you as a host, see the need for post moderation these past few days, when the need was not met for the past three years or so… to my lame brain, it appears as if the causation may have been due to a troll over the weekend. That sort of thing has not happened at this place before, and, since the troll got outed fairly well, with details of his bio and he has not appeared again… then just perhaps the need for prior moderation might not be there. That problem may have gone away due to its outing. Agree? Disagree? Let’s talk.

    • PF:

      As an long-time denizen of this shop and its predecessors, you are always welcome here. I have no idea why moderation of your comments has kicked in – have you changed emails?

      In any event, my apologies for the delay in getting your posts on air. If I understand the way the WordPress software works, once a commenter have been moderated once, their future comments should go right up. If your next post does not autopost, I will get into the software and try to figure out WTF.

      Hoep all is well there.

      • Prairie Fire

        CA: Everything is well on this end. No changes to emails on this end. Given those stable things, and given the past weekend’s comments about the Goat Rodeo, I was wondering if moderation may have kicked in due to my expressed opinions.

        • Absofreakinglutely never.

          Not you.

          Not no one.

          If people can’t be real with me, then what makes me different from the Kim duToits of the world?

          BTW, that one went right through. And there appears to be a new final character “n” in your email address as picked up by the WordPress software, which would explain the “corralling” of your comments,

          • Prairie Fire

            CA: I appreciate and thank you for your concern and your follow-through. The computer stuff I do not know. We will talk back channel from your email, it was nice of you to reply that way.

            Meanwhile, on the good side… why in the hell did you have to bring up the name of that person, I had pretty much forgotten all about him in the past years. I really had forgotten him, as I have tried to forget Appleseed as it morphed past ’07.

            CA, thanks for your efforts.

  4. While an interesting analysis if you readthe rest of this blog the author’s objectivity and sanity must be questioned.

    • Veritas, do you have anything particular in mind? I looked around a bit and didn’t see anything right away that makes this obvious. Though at this stage, I think everyone’s sanity ought to be questioned. Hell, I’m even starting to question my own!