JohnGaltFLA: It’s Time To Accept Reality That It’s Too Late

JGF gives a cogent sitrep.

You ready?

Sauve qui peut.

To God with the rest.

10 responses to “JohnGaltFLA: It’s Time To Accept Reality That It’s Too Late

  1. The only thing that matters is the truth, no one has ever said with any credibility that “The lie that makes you feel good will set you free”.
    Now what to do with the truth is up to you.

  2. Fine with me. One of my favorite tricks is to construct straw men for OPFOR to engage. Since I’ve realized it’s too late, for some time now, I find it quite liberating, actually.

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    So the solution is what – suicide? Go looking for a prom date to Valhalla? Pull a Charles Whitman (If they’re doomed anyway, aren’t you doing them a favor?)

    Simply “saving yourself” won’t do much. You’ll die slower – maybe, but in the end, the Collective will get you, too.

    I’m not sure that I see an answer to any of this mess, but statements like that are getting a bit too nihilistic.

    • It depends on what you are accepting.
      If you accept that this system is done and has been for a very long time you are doing nothing but reaching a conclusion based on evidence.

      We are not going to ride in at the last moment to save the Republic no more than a few hundred bailing buckets would have saved the Titanic.

  4. See his first paragraph? Especially this: Hard as this to believe, I’m no longer going to pound my head on an exposed nail in the wall and preach to the insane that the world is about to end. In fact, I have no intention of any longer telling the foolish that the world is about implode. I’ve warned. I’ve preached. I’ve provided the warning signs. That is exactly why I’m shifting my focus to more like John Robb’s and less like, well, mine up till now.

    Your excellent line is “there’s going to be a fight; let’s win”. Mine is sort of, “everything is going to break down; someone has to know how to rebuild it”.

  5. ““everything is going to break down; someone has to know how to rebuild it”

    Just curious…what’s the benefit of waiting until after the breakdown?

  6. SiGraybeard _isn’t_ waiting, that’s the point. He is doing it now. Imparting information to those willing to read and learn – and willing to search for more information to continue and extend that learning.

    A lot of us “useless, in-the-way” old folks have potentially life-saving information and skills we can share. He is doing that. Some of us have extensive knowledge of technology, and how to make it work. Some of us have extensive knowledge and experience of low-tech, back-to-the-land skills and how to make them work.

    Resilient communities (John Robb) wil need both. It will be a lot easier learning these things _before_ you need them. Before the breakdown.

    • Okay Reg, but that’s not what I was asking. I was asking, “Why wait for the rebuild; why not build that now?” Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

      • Well, Reg answered nicely for me, but the answer is I’m starting now. It’s better to do it now for same reason all armies train: it’s best to do things for the first time while the infrastructure is more forgiving.

        It’s better to know how to swim before the boat sinks, and be really practiced at it.

  7. SG, I’m all with that; I’m not trying to argue. Ultimately it’s all about building, as you note. Creation and production are what humans do. Preparation is the most rational of activities, and security/defense the most critical of all. We have no disagreements about any of that.

    Or about anything, probably. I was just wondering why if figuring out what’s going to be built after the collapse is sensible, which it is, it’s not just as sensible to start building it now.

    I know the answer—hope. We hope that maybe a collapse won’t happen. I’ve got two problems with that answer. First is the obvious…hope doesn’t trump logic and logic tells us what’s going to happen. But even on the assumption that it doesn’t–let’s say people do actually wake up quickly and stop the tragedy–why would that be any reason not to build what’s got to be built anyway?

    I know the question sounds wild, but maybe that’s the problem. We all know that this craziness ain’t gonna cut it, but what will? What is it exactly that we seek to build? I think that question goes to the crux of all the animosity lately—there’s nothing quite like someone who desperately wants to fight but doesn’t know what he wants to fight about. Personally I think tons of “freedom fighters” are off on the wrong track, but I figure their lives are their business.

    My life is my business, though, and I’m not on anyone’s side unless and until they can offer as much value to my life as I can to theirs. Or at the very least, not be a threat to my existence, and I don’t care what flag they’re carrying.

    Then it’s forward and building, all the other assholes be damned. That’s my take in a nutshell, and I was just wondering if it really makes sense to wait. I still don’t know for sure, but I definitely know the math: 1 > 0. The only thing that will stop the immense destruction going on even now, is immense creation. If that’s right, I’m not sure I see the point of waiting for yet more destruction.

    Yeah, I know…ethereal.