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  1. Agree with virtually everything he says, except for this: “We all have pasts.
    Get over it….I could care less about Kerodin’s real, past, and in the open conviction…” Don’t know Kerodin; don’t care about Kerodin; so this isn’t about him.

    But I’ve said this before: whoever the Feds can squeeze, THAT is the man who will betray you. A man with a past is only good for FREEFOR if he can’t be blackmailed. Otherwise, you might as well be sending meeting minutes straight to the regional fusion center, and checking in with the FBI/DHS Leviathan every quarter of an hour.

    You want an example? Consider this: a man with a felony conviction (for anything but financial felonies and foreign felonies) cannot purchase, possess, or shoot a firearm. Depending on the whim of a federal prosecutor, that felon cannot even live in the same home where arms or ammunition are maintained. Therefore, any former felon who attempts to purchase a firearm, is found in possession of a firearm, uses a firearm (even once), or lives with someone that owns firearm, could be looking at 10-to-20 in the clink. So, imagine what an enterprising DA might do in this situation: “Now, Mr. Felon-With-A-Record, we understand that you run with a — let’s say — SUSPECT crowd. If you help us, we will help you — and we might whisper in the judge’s ear so you only end with probation. All we ask is that you wear a wire, do exactly what we tell you to do, and agree to testify when we call on you to do so. On the other hand, if you don’t help us, we will be sad little bears, and we will do everything in our power to see that you go to prison for the maximum under the law. We’ll just leave you in this interrogation room for five minutes and let you think about it, OK?” This is just an example, but you see the point.

    Eyes wide open, folks. You must think like the enemy, and by that I mean that you must act as if your enemy is the KBG and STASI. Their discipline, sophistication, and capabilities have matured to that level, and they are getting better every day. If FREEFOR means what it says, and if it aims for victory, then you must be willing to consider the unthinkable: severing all ties with men you have considered brothers since childhood, or taking their lives (on the battlefield or otherwise).

    Trust tentatively, AND VERIFY who’s sitting next to you.

    adiuta Deus

    • Mike,

      Excellent points. Please consider the fact that one day we will ALL be felons. I’ve been arrested twice for things that, with only a little different interpretation, would be felonious today. Worse, someone can be squeezed here in the land of the free without even being formally charged. Plus, people who have been through the wringer once tend to fear it less than the virgins. Some of those won’t take their chains lightly, and be highly motivated to one day be “more actively involved”.

      From a practical point of view, if we limit ourselves to the lily-whites with clean records, we will one day have a VERY thin bench. And still not be assured of opsec. On the other hand, that OpFor information channel you speak of can be useful to FreeFor in many ways…


      • You’re absolutely correct: if we limit FREEFOR only to the “lily-whites”, FREEFOR will be thin on the ground. But that’s just reality.

        On the one hand, anyone with a prior felony, a pending felony, or who is on probation is liable to OPFOR blackmail. That’s just that way it is: it’s exactly what you would expect KBG/STASI counter-intelligence agents to do.

        On the other hand, the “lily-whites” are less likely to compromise their clean rap sheets for Liberty, more likely to have their heads in the sand, and (by virtue of their law-abiding tendencies) are also a risk for becoming an informant, assuming they even give you the time of day to begin with.

        Yet, that’s the reality FREEFOR has to deal with. You want people with enough “experience” of the system (its contradictions, corruption, and instability) that they no longer buy into the whole “I love the government, and the goverment loves me” BS, but you don’t want someone that’s so deep into criminal activity that you’re inviting DHS to your party. Likewise, you want someone that is less susceptible to blackmail from having a long rap sheet hanging over their head, but not someone that is so squeaky clean that they start reciting Romans 13 whenever you speak ill of Bam-Bam and his Merry Band of Kamaraden.

        If this was easy, it would have done a long time ago.

        adiuta Deus

  2. Just ask questions.
    If you come into my group i will want to know if you have past felonies. Social ills like drug use or sexual perversions are your business but if I am in close contact with a convict i need to know so we can work around that. i dont hold it against you but I need to understand the operating parameters.
    I you are honest up front then no one can get one over on you. We will know what ring of the circle to keep you in for your own good and the good of the team.

  3. Semper Fi, 0321

    Most folks I know will roll over from a simple request like an IRS audit. Scares the absolute shit right out of them. They think they are already in line for prison. Stupid sheeple!
    So you think you only have to worry about hard core felons in your midst? Think again.

  4. no but it sets the tone.

  5. As I’ve said before, we are all felons in this current climate. With the Patriot Act, NDAA and the current behavior of law enforcement, anyone can be pressured, anyone can be made a felon at the whim of government. That doesn’t mean they will succumb to that pressure. As Tom indicated, past experience may harden them to the threats.

    Anyone can be a snitch – even a loved one pressured or misled by the State into thinking she or he is helping or “protecting” you from yourself. You can’t let that make you too fearful to work with people, you simply need to exercise some caution and situational awareness.

  6. And the 800 pound ‘snake eater’ in the room that some are trying to ignore: There are folks who are espousing genocide and the scorched earth murder of women and children.

    Calling it a pissing contest is to ignore Mike’s original point, while hoping no one notices.

    Those espousing genocide are enemies of civilization. Truly.
    And so are his friends.

    Civilization will fight animals and degenerates even more vigorously than tyrannts. So choose friends wisely.

  7. Alinksy Rules: Make it personal, so reason is displaced by vitriol. Then the abrasive can overcome reason.
    Notice their methods.

    How about discussing the merit of Mike’s point about ‘snakeaters’ who espouse genocide and murder of women and children?
    Or is everyone turning a blind eye?

    Choose reason or vitriol.
    It’s yet another choice that has consequences.

  8. + 10 for Mike, and thank you, sofa.

    Liberty, as the Founders stressed repeatedly, is for a MORAL people only.

    Forget that and all is truly lost.