Wretchard’s Three Rules of Insurrection

From this post at The Belmont Club:

Rule One, the most important thing in change is positioning yourself to be an attractor before the discontinuity comes.

Rule Two, if you have a dominant meme out there, people will cling to it when they are confused. So put the meme out there.

Rule Three, revolutions are as much about what is preserved as about what is changed.

Therefore forget about creating “ideal societies”.

You’ll be lucky to get a sane one.

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13 responses to “Wretchard’s Three Rules of Insurrection

  1. Good stuff, in line with things I am working on.

  2. Position yourself to be an ‘attractor’… hmmm

    How does anyone do that if they embrace ‘snakeaters’ espousing genocide and the scorched earth murder of women and children? Is that a dominant meme that people will cling to?

    My 2cents: Those espousing genocide are enemies of civilization. Truly.
    And so are his friends.

    Civilization will fight animals and degenerates even more vigorously than tyrants. So choose friends wisely.

    Alinsky Rules: Make it personal, so reason is displaced by vitriol. Then the abrasive can overcome reason.
    Notice their methods.

    How about discussing the merit of Mike’s original point about ‘snakeaters’ who espouse genocide and murder of women and children?
    Or is everyone turning a blind eye?

    Choose reason or choose vitriol [attempted anti-reason].
    It’s yet another choice that has consequences.

    • What does a reasoned review of the facts surrounding Detroit, East St Louis (or similar places) and the Free Shit Army lead you to for conclusions?
      Or a reasoned look at Islam?
      Or if you can relate, a reasoned look at ex-wives behaviour and methods?

      Snake eating sounds pretty good sometimes.

    • The intentional killing of enemy civilians through atomic destruction of his cities was the countervalue component of US nuclear strategy throughtout the Cold War.

      Sofa, if your enemy has played genocide in the past, why wouldn’t you have a counter-genocide component to your strategy?

      The Marquess of Queensbury is dead.

      Marxist-Leninism is ascendant.

      Plan accordingly.

    • Cutting off the gas of the machine that is used to kill you is not murder.

  3. “Rule Three, revolutions are as much about what is preserved as about what is changed.

    Therefore forget about creating “ideal societies”.

    You’ll be lucky to get a sane one.”

    Considering the insanity we already have, Preserving what little is sane is going to be a curious exercise to say the least.
    Snake-eaters aside, Those that have aligned the pieces have already chosen the genocide approach; aligned in such a way that they will have little to do to kick it off. When the class warfare starts to draw blood,,,,,

    Get your tribe in order now, Nothing about genocide there, just staying alive long enough to start the ‘preservation’ of the sanity.

  4. Good article on what is coming. One comment on the idea of an “Ideal Society” ; don’t forget the ideal society as a goal, just realize that any resulting society will not be perfect but with the goal in mind that society will be much better then without. I give as evidence the American Revolution versus the French Revolution.



  5. I would opt for the sane society, and indeed count myself lucky to get one. The training ground provided by the demented and immoral society now isn’t exactly the sine quo non for the start of a sane one tommorrow. And I’ll allow that the convulsions of the ending of this one, and the beginnings of the new one will prove more than interesting, if hardly tolerable. Seventy years after WWII, Europe going in the opposite direction is going to bring them the same results. Heaven cannot be manufactured by Man.

  6. Always liked the passage from Pilgrams progress.

    “And I saw that there was a way to hell even from the gates of heaven”

    We can always try to build a great society but the path always can diverge into wickedness. Thus is the nature of man.

  7. One must maintain his/her focus. If we are in for Fourth Generation Warfare, then you have to face the unpleasant fact that the enemy trying to kill you may be the nine-year-old-son or twelve-year-old daughter of some local progressive pol/law enforcement official. Those who lived through the Viet Nam debacle were faced with such horrific decisions. The person called SELCO who writes on this website has given us all, I believe, a fairly accurate picture of what it is going to be like. Like it or not, we have to plan accordingly. God help us all.

  8. There comes a time when you need to choose between being nice and staying alive, as a polity as well as (as) an individual. We conservatives have suffered because of our preference not to interfere in the lives of others. Since the Left will not let us be, we must be as the Left. I do not wish for “scorched earth”, but anything less will simply leave enemies behind your back, still capable of killing you or those you love. That is the reality.

    • “I do not wish for “scorched earth”, but anything less will simply leave enemies behind your back”
      I hope that we and our children will have the decency to spare the youngest of our enemies’ children and raise them, in all senses of the word “raise”, either in decent orphanages or by adopting them into our own families.

      A counterexample: This reminds me of a scene in “Gandhi” in which a Hindu man comes to Gandhi and tells him he will go to Hell, because he had killed a Muslim boy. Gandhi asks why he had killed the boy, and he says the Muslims had killed his son. Gandhi tells him the way to escape from going to Hell is to find a Muslim orphan and raise him as his own son, but he must raise him as a Muslim.
      I ain’t nearly as smart as Gandhi, but I don’t buy it. More children, not fewer, need to be raised in faiths that respect other individuals’ rights to choose their own faiths. Gandhi was eloquently wrong here. The same goes for raising children to respect the philosophy expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

  9. Grenadier1

    You cant kill ideas.
    Once they have sprung they are incapable of being un-thought. This is what works in our favor. Think about this. Why do we continue to be forced to defend the idea of personal liberty and freedom? Its logic should be unquestionable. The idea of freedom and liberty refuses to die even facing the weight of brute deadly force, Why? Because its logic cannot be overcome. We constantly have to defend it however, because the evil of tyranny is attractive and seductive. Its logic is flawed but to those who espouse it, it DOES work. It works for THEM. It will not die because its a corrupting virus that will always be present. It cannot be killed and as long as a single cell remains it will grow and spread. There is no front line or rear area when it comes to tyranny. You cant clear your LOC and not have to look back on it. Only constant vigilance and constant education on the evil of tyranny can combat it.You cant burn it all away.