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  1. A-freaking-men

  2. Charity has to come from those willing and compassionate enough to give it. It not charity when forced, or when handed out to those who do nor need it. Those voting for Obama & Co. do so to keep those welfare checks coming. Those who are truly needy get comfort and support from their local communities.

  3. But…

    “I believe we as a society have an obligation to provide for the less-fortunate.”

    My response?

    “Are you willing to do the robbing YOURSELF or are you just going to try to pass off that order to someone ELSE? Are you willing to KILL those who resist YOURSELF or …??”

    Of course, they don’t get it. Those types NEVER do…

    As children, we ALL wanted things to be “fair.” We ALL wanted “someone” to “do something about…(insert tragedy of choice here)…

    Having become ADULTS, we understand that not only is life NOT always “fair” — but that we really wouldn’t WANT it to be!!

    Further, we understand that sometimes there just ISN’T ANYTHING THAT CAN (OR *SHOULD*) BE DONE!!


    The Enemy is largely trapped in immature adolescence – which is IMHO *THE* most *EVIL* stage of life!!

    • related to the adolescence comment: Just about everybody involved in any sort of entertainment business at all is also in this mindset. Movies, computer games, comics – all of it. It took me a while to get my head around this but now it doesn’t seem so surprising. These businesses are about fun, which is fundamentally a bit of a childish mental state. That’s not necessarily bad – but it also associates itself with childish thinking.

      I think this is borne out by experiment. Hollywood writers obviously are leftist. Just about any computer game discussion forum will tend strongly left, and most of the games themselves do too. Comic book writers have been turning all the old-time pro-America stuff on its head for decades. Etc.

      The lessons and stories being communicated to younger generations are, by the inherent nature of the people who tend to be interested in and good at creating them, very leftist and tend towards inculcating values and ideals that simply do not follow national interest nor the actual long-term laws of reality.

      There was a short science fiction story I read a long time ago. It was about a new game that was all the rage among kids. The father says: hey, looks like Monopoly! and sits down to play with them. Then it turns out he’s lost the game, because the win conditions are the inverse of Monopoly, you’re supposed to lose everything you have. Father says: this is a stupid game, and goes back to his job, not paying it any more mind. 20 years later, the aliens buy the whole solar system for pennies and enslave humanity.

  4. I like this guy.

  5. I have this discussion quite often. The last time was with an Anglican from England. He never thought of taxation as theft.

    Ruined his whole day, of course.

    • ghostsniper

      He never thought of taxation as theft.

      I used to see that all the time…….

      Then I would delve further by asking why is taxation NOT theft and the melt-down in all direction would occur, everything from “Well how is the gov’t supposed to pay for the roads?” to “If you don’t like the laws then you should fight to have them changed.”

      ….now I rarely see it, cept online, cause I just can’t tolerate associating with most of the herd anymore. srsly

  6. Here’s a couple “force” issues for you:

    Should a woman seeking an otherwise legal abortion be forced to undergo a Transvaginal Ultrasound prior to getting that abortion?

    Should a person who drives drunk be forced to spend time in a jail cell after he’s crashed through 37 cars on the freeway?

    Point is. . . A society is a whole thing. And, while a person in our society is certainly allowed to voice objection, that same person is not allowed to pick and choose which laws of that society he or she will follow. A person is either a part of the whole, or they are not.

    As “Dedicated Dad” inferred above…..Sometime it just ain’t fair. Bummer is the fair came through town last week and ya’ll missed it.

    And in response to “TPaine”. . . The idea that I am going to vote to re-elect our President to keep my welfare checks coming is absurd. I am a retired Union Sheet Metal Worker who’s pension alone is greater than the average wage of the American Worker today. If ya’ll want to slit your own throats by privatizing Social Security, have at it. I don’t need it. Sure will be nice when it gets here next year tho. I thinking a new Chevy Volt would be real nice. Or maybe a gas-guzzling motorhome to go for a two or three year drive in. Shucks, maybe both!!!. . I love retirement 🙂 . . . I will vote (again) for President Obama because I think he is leading our country in the right direction (have you checked the latest jobs numbers?).

    • Should a woman seeking an otherwise legal abortion be forced to undergo a Transvaginal Ultrasound prior to getting that abortion?

      No, actually, she should be treated the same as anyone else caught in the act of actively planning a murder.

      What happens to a woman who is about to rip her unborn baby apart (or dissolve the baby /burn him or her to death in saline, or however else she might choose to have it assassinated) matters as much to me as does what might happen to a rapist/murderer right before he commits his violation of another. In each case, we are looking at the “force” applied to a person who is about to -or has- use(d) force to violate (and destroy) another’s life.

      “Force”, indeed.

    • Grenadier1

      Your supposition that you are in a society or out of it implies there is a place to go to be out of it……There isn’t. You are in this “society” or you are dead. There is no place to go that the governments force cannot reach you.
      If there existed a frontier with little to no government, then we would live there. Of course that frontier would not exist for very long because tax feeders like you need something to graze off of.

  7. Frankenstein Government

    No shit. It’s all a vicious cycle. Your employer is trying to get your work product as cheaply as possible, the government is trying to rob you, you try to rob it back. It’s an extortion and theft racket and I’ve lost track of who the good guy is- oh yea that’s the guy who earns the money.

    • Mark Matis

      Unless the “guy who earns the money” is an AA hire who does no work….

      • A “mandatory hire” for some sort of quota is often put in a closet without a phone or computer so that they can do no harm. It’s a dead-loss, but at least he’s not upsetting the productive staff.

        • Mark Matis

          Sadly, that is NOT the case in most such “jobs”. Can’t make them feel unwanted, you know. Not when they are a Preferred Species…

  8. Penn is right on a lot of things, taxation is theft. He is also correct with his reading of the 2nd amendment. The militia part of the 2A, is separate from the last part, talking about THE PEOPLE’S right to keep and bear. The STATE militia, and THE PEOPLE, are two different things. They were saying that since you have to have a state militia for the national defense, that the people needed to be armed, in case they had to rise up against a tyrannical government militia.

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