DumpDC: I Am Not A Patriot, But I Am A Patriot


Napoleon said it best:

Never reinforce defeat.

Freedom has been defeated in North America.

Let’s restore that first.

It’s enough of a task.

Let’s win.

6 responses to “DumpDC: I Am Not A Patriot, But I Am A Patriot

  1. And on those lines of thought, a large page of very relevant quotes from Mr. Liberty himself, Thomas Jefferson.

    • To put it bluntly… No Shit.

      As I watched that tidbit scroll by on Fox News, I was hammered by the implications.

      They have to disarm the Marines before the secdef appears before them. That can only be seen as very Good News for freefor. Don’t let go of this. Use it, spread it, shout it from the roof tops.

      The troops have a clue. The ptpb are scared shitless.

      Bring the boys home now!

  2. Comment left at Dump DC:

    “From the ruins of the American experiment, a few new nations will arise, former states rising like phoenixes from the American ashes.”

    Why should you, or we, hope that small tyrannies will be any better than this large one? Who will organize these “former states” to “rise like phoenix(es) from the ashes?”

    Why, the same power hungry narcissists such as corrupted the FUSA, that’s who… the same self appointed dogooders who are to blame for the present debacle.

    Which ever gang can concentrate enough power, bullshit and boondoggle will raise up these petty phoenixes for their own ends.

    Who will stop them in the face of the ubiquitous human need for organization and direction, and the utter ignorance and irresponsibility of the folks?

    Generations of “reeducation by reality” will be needed for any society such as you might envision to occur. Have you any idea of the potential mischief the rest of the world could engender to derail any such effort?

    Jon III

  3. Grenadier1

    This is what keeps me from suppoting the secessionist line of resolution. Breaking away from the curr3ent US will only replace the old federal government with a different one. Now I understand the replacement government will be based more or less around the AoC and I am fine with that but my problem is that just breaking away implies there will be an old US left. If we leave it then we will get a repeat of the last time we tried that tactic.
    I would rather we stay within it and just reduce its ability to function to nothing more than its actual real purpose ie to provide an outward facing representation for international trade and defense and nothing more.
    Leave it in place and let it think it still calls the shots all the while internally we the power lies at its lowest level (the individual)

  4. Secession is one way to do it, and it’s results are usually a mixed bag. Looking back is no indication something will work, but at least looking forward gives one the opportunity to try to do better. DumpDC has a lot of hangups about how things are now, and were, just like we do, and he points a possible way out. Instead of fighting the past all over again(it will still come out the same) and grinding the present underheel( which we all do) we could try different approaches(since there are no NEW ones) to old problems. And remembering we are always going to be in this slavery -to -freedom- to- back- to -slavery cycle will at least give a few generations a little liberty if we choose as wisely as we can.