Repost: Soviet Subversion Of The Free World Press

As relevant (more so?) now as when first posted on WRSA back in 2009, please take the time to pay close attention to everything in the video and in the transcript.

End game, anyone?

10 responses to “Repost: Soviet Subversion Of The Free World Press

  1. Kit Carson

    comrade… it is finished.

    • No not finished, this story has a lot more twists in store for us. What is finished is any human claim on knowing what those twists will be.

  2. Golitsyn.

    The answers are all there, and have been for 50+ years, for anyone who cares to look and understand generational warfare.

    The man behind the curtain has always been a Communist.


    • Prairie Fire

      And out here in this frontier land, the will to kill Commies never did die. The other people do not even have to call themselves as commies or progressives or whatever… basically, whoever effs with our way of life out here, might think again on how they might enforce their will, here. I live in a good neighborhood. 0321 might disagree as we quibble about what a good neighborhood, is.

      Still: We win, they lose… in this large place. Bring it.

  3. The man behind the curtain has always been a progressive/fascist. Pure communists die of starvation.

    We have arrived at that point in time where we can no longer tolerate progressive/fascist living in our midst.

    They can self deport, or be carried out horizontally.

  4. At what point do the rest of the sheeple get it…

    Molan Labe.

    • At what point do the rest of the sheeple get it…

      As the light is fading from their eyes, perhaps.

  5. Prairie Fire: That is the attitude that can win, and I wish more people shared it. Just like the original ConCon (Very few of those guys agreed onmost topics) We in the modern Liberty world have serious differences. But we share enemies: Anyone who dares to try to impose his will on others.

    As long as we all point our bayonets at the real enemy, we can, and will, win.


  6. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Looks like that old Chinese curse is manifesting itself w/ a vengeance. The bad part is that it’s the U.S./American people that’re going to be manifested this time, but then as C. Thomas Howell remarked in Red Dawn: “Why should we be different?”


    Cassandra (of Troy)