DumpDC: Ockham’s Razor And Secession

For your consideration.

And remember – secession can and should also be practiced at the personal level.


6 responses to “DumpDC: Ockham’s Razor And Secession

  1. OORAH………..

    Remember the FALLEN–Fight for the LIVING…..

    • Ray Brooks

      This is a GREAT song. Unfortunately, most of the folks that live in our great country believe what the feral goberment and the main stream media tell them on a daily basis. They should be sharing the profits of the folks that work for a living. Unless you are ready and willing to water the Tree of Liberty with your blood, enjoy the song. Those of us that stand ready to defend the rights and liberties that you won’t defend are still here, ready to keep you free!
      Skilled and Resolute!

  2. Prairie Fire

    Seems as if CA told me one time, that while the Confederate constitution mirrored somewhat the C of the USA, it did not include the clause of “supporting the general welfare.” What a difference.

    We might have been better off these days, had the 1861 effort been a success. Slavery would have died on its own for lack of utility, anyway.

    I agree 100% that secession should be practiced daily on an individual level. As has been posted here on WRSA before, prime yourselves for hard times by becoming an outlaw. Goals are, the doing of a misdemeanor per day while a person can still look down at the sod (rather than up at it) and the doing of a mal prohibitum felony per week. It’s all a part of the hardening of the heart for the good work ahead of us. Hearts need the same hardening as bodies.

  3. I just want to put this out there…. I know HE WILL SKATEAWY WITH THIS…..


  4. We in The League of the South agree . . . http://www.dixienet.org