The problem with thinking is….

That it leads to more thinking.

Kudos to AP for going where the logic leads.

Do you dare?

7 responses to “Doomed?

  1. There ya go again with that thinking stuff… Big Brother and Sister will not be pleased.

  2. thomaspaine861

    You can’t have it both ways – either let your Creator make the rules, or make them yourselves and live with the consequences. When truth is relative, there are no rules. IOW, anarchy! Which is pretty much where we are today.

    • In all humility it would seem desirable for clearer directions at this point…
      some of this stuff really and truly ain’t covered. But then how many follow the ones that are crystal?

      As in no other time in history have the desires of men been so at odds with the Divine. Preping for that disaster is beyond possible.

  3. For those interested in taking the time:

    The Laws of Nature and Natures God

    Otherwise, everything is up for grabs.