Georgia PATCON – 31 Mar/1 April – Hard Labor Creek State Park

It’s next weekend.

Of course, our patriotic brothers and sisters from around the Southeast are invited, too.

Where: Hard Labor Creek State Park. We have an area reserved; details mid-week. Here’s the rule-set for Georgia parks; there’s other good info in the comments to this post. There is camping onsite, and also standard Interstate-exit support nearby at Covington, GA.

When: 31 March/1 April; see draft schedule below.

Who: Any supporter of individual freedom who looks to the near future and sees:

1) A Federal government which is both insolvent and is aggressively expanding its tentacles into every single aspect of human existence in this country;

2) A state government which is utterly dependent on and subservient to that insolvent and increasingly-tyrannical Federal government;

3) Because of those insolvencies, those appetites, this subservience, and all of their necessary implications, the very real prospect of widespread civil unrest; and

4) The likelihood that in the event of such civil unrest, the force-wielding mechanisms of that incestuous Federal-state apparatus will be used not to secure private property, protect individual freedoms, and defend the Constitutional rights of all Georgians, but instead to impose even greater indignities upon each of us.

What/Why: As noted previously, this rendezvous will NOT be a speechifying session or a gun show. Instead, it will be a series of working sessions to outline some possible frameworks for what to do as Georgians if/when the Bad Things start happening.

In addition, if there is interest, we can discuss and possibly select representatives to attend TL’s Liberty Summit next month.

From an email to a supporter:

Here’s my draft “plan” for the shindig:

Once we have a quorum (1100 or so on Saturday), we say:

Guys, we’re here to work.

Folks who want to go shoot can do that:


Two shooting ranges (50- & 100-yard) offer recreational shooters a chance to take aim! No license or fee is required for using the range complex. Visitors are asked to sign in at the range and abide by the posted rules.  A DNR range safety officer can help you with any questions.

You must bring your own eye and ear protection, targets and target stands. The target should be high enough for the round to strike the backstop berm and not the ground, thereby reducing the chance of it skipping off and escaping the range.

You must remove all of your trash before leaving the range complex, including spent brass and used targets. Shooting Range hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Plans for building your own target stands are available at the Visitor’s Center.

All range rules are strictly enforced. A minimum $250 fine is imposed for shooting outside range operating hours. 

Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass (GORP) or a qualifying license is required when using the shooting range on Charlie Elliott property (You do not need a GORP for use of Education Center Facilities or Education Center trails). 

Click HERE for more information on shooting ranges requiring GORP!

For those who don’t head to the range, there are a group of categories that need work. I’d ask anybody who is here to work to self-select into the area where they can be most useful.

Each group will then self-organize and start hashing through the issues. Each subject matter group will give a readout of their progress at 1730, with Sunday’s session to close the gaps from today.

The groups include:

– Operations During “Peacetime”/Political Actions

– Intel – Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination

– Food/Water – Production, Preservation, Storage, and Utilization

– Commo – RF and Internet/How do we stay in touch as things come apart

– Medical – How do we get trained up as far as we can go, along with associated med supply acquisition/storage

– Shooting/Ammunition/Other Training: What opps currently exist in GA and what do we need to bring?

– Mobility/Transport – How do we move when gas is $10/gal if it is even available?

Draft outline below; please provide feedback in comments below:

Day #1:

0800: Colors

0815-1000: Core team assemble/complete preps

1000-1100: Meet/greet; coffee/doughnuts

1100-1500: Split at attendees’ discretion, with field lunch supplied by each attendee:

a) range time, or
b) discussion of next steps by provisional group of volunteers

1500-1630: Free time/clean what needs cleanin’ (so core team can make sure all set to gather for 1630)

1630 – 2000: Pig roast/social time — readout from “next steps” team at 1730, with “next ‘next steps'” call for volunteers to begin at 0900 Sun

2000: Close of day

Day #2:

0800: Colors

0815-0845: Field chapel for those desiring to attend

0900: ‘Next steps’ teams meet as individual groups

1200-1400: Working field lunch per individual supply, with readout from individual groups and resulting capture of next ‘next steps’

1400: Close event, with agreement on date for next meeting NMT 60 days hence

NOTE MOST WELL: We need a headcount for the pig feed Saturday night. Please note in comments below how many you will be.

Final update (and BBQ headcount last call) will be on Wednesday.

See you there.

20 responses to “Georgia PATCON – 31 Mar/1 April – Hard Labor Creek State Park

  1. See you there (1 for the pigfest), thanks for putting this together.

  2. I’ll see you there.

    Let me ask around and see which of the four (4) of us are going to stay for the pig roast.

  3. Glenn Allen

    In regards to movement and transport. This is interesting and traditional southern enterprises a little modernized. It might help.

  4. Grenadier1

    Obviously I will be there (1) for the Pig.

  5. I should be there for the pig roast (1). Looking forward to the PatCon!

  6. Grenadier1

    Camp sites are all reserved if we dont already have them

  7. If you will feed a Tar Heel, Hollywood is down for some pig.

  8. Planning on 1 definite and 1 possible. See you guys there at 0800.

  9. Please put me on your email advisory list..Thanks, Ian

  10. I’ll be there. Mark me down for the BBQ. Looking forward to it.

  11. treecowboy1776

    1 from Tenn coming.

  12. treecowboy1776

    1 coming from BO location in the TN hills.

  13. CA will post more details soon, but in a shallow marketing ploy, the shameless running-dog capitalists at Starve Monkey Press, Inc., (a Georgia C corporation), have graciously arranged for an 8-man (4 double beds) cottage for Friday and Saturday night since the campsites are all taken for the Augusta national golf thingy.

    This cottage (#5) will be available both Friday and Saturday night. All squatters are welcome, but preference requested for out-of-state visitors, attendees from the far-flung reaches of Georgia, or elderly or infirm from wherever. Organize among yourselves. Park rules limit overnight occupancy to 8 but I sleep soundly.

    The bath/shower is open to all as needed at all hours. Please bring your own bath linens as there is a limited supply. TP will be supplied on the objective.

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  16. pathfinder

    Add two from Ga. to the pig count.

  17. Tom,

    I did not reserve a camping space, but am perfectly capable of sleeping in a sleeping bag in the rear of my vehicle…would there be room around the cottage to park-n-sleep? If not, I’ll have to search for a place to park that is legal.

    • Hi Rah45,

      That was my plan at first also, but after finding out about the golf event, and the kind of nit-picking that can incite, I decided to get a cottage to help absorb the excess. The last thing we need is to get rousted by the GEMA Camp Authoriti out in the parking lots after closing time because some golf fan got in a snit about armed hobos. I think the nearest other options are either the hotels at Covington or the Walmart parking lot there.

      Check out occupancy at the Starve Monkey Inn and Patriot Hostel, and even if it is full, feel free to use the shower/etc.

      See you there.


  18. Dewey Galeas

    Please enter me for any e form of after action on this great event.
    I am involved in subversive , oppressive right wing behavior this
    weekend (working) not happy to miss such a gathering of like minded souls.
    Check out my Facebook page for OPSEC vetting, Dewey Galeas.
    M’oan Aabe !!