Another One Bites The Dust


Thank you, Fran.

For everything.

12 responses to “Another One Bites The Dust

  1. Will certainly miss your astute commentary Fran. The voice of Liberty is softened yet again. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. I wish him well. Every voice daring to speak for Liberty is necessary. But while we may have lost a public voice, we have not lost a Patriot. He’ll still be there.

    So, readers and commenters, consider stepping into the void, even for a trial run. Blogger is easy, as I am certain WordPress is also.

    And your voices matter as much as every other voice.

    Think about it.


  3. Francis, I hope you read this:

    Whatever circumstance has caused you to suspend Eternity Road, I wish you health and joy. I will pray for you. You have done a great service with your clarity of thought, fearless honesty and eloquence. I would not have the understanding I do have without you.

    You, Sir, are a writer.

  4. Well damn….just damn.
    The Curmudgeon has such a wonderful way with words.
    He will be sorely missed as I truly enjoyed his take on today’s

  5. Mark Matis

    I wish you well, sir! And may God protect you from what our Masters have planned…

  6. He still owes me an apology, but I’ll take this instead.

  7. How about this for an apology, Rollory: Go fuck yourself. Sideways. With a rusty trombone. You worthless, brainless, dickless piece of shit who’s always looking for a fight. I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

    Damn, that felt good.

  8. A. Nony Mous


    2. For someone to get FWP so angry takes a lot of work – WTH to Rollery do?

    3. Rollery, its too bad that you don’t see the value of FWP’s blog, because it is a true diamond in the rough. I will definitely try to download the entire archive.

    • Two years ago I suggested that a prediction of his was wrong (as, in fact, it proved to be), and did not accept “I am brilliant, stop arguing with me” as a counterargument. It seems to have gotten under his skin.

    • As for the value, that certainly was my initial impression, until he started making an ass of himself to someone who had been nothing but polite and respectful to him. It’s his problem, I’m not going to worry about it.

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