I understand why I must pay attention to those who lust to rule me. But I do not and will not allow my concerns and thoughts to be overwhelmed, enslaved, by the machinations of those desiring to restrict my freedoms.

I will LIVE.

— John Venlet

And see also the good Ms. Wolfe.

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  1. I dont know about the rest of you with contacts in the military but some very odd things seem to be happening of late. No need to go into details if such has reached your ears I am sure it has you concerned as well.
    Good times huh folks.

  2. Rhodes, while I’m having the band practice the Minuet in D minor, let me in on what you’re saying. Got my oldest in harms way right now, and I gots to know.

  3. Rhodes – you can’t toss that out there without explanation. No unfounded pot stirring please.

  4. Grenadier1

    Do tell indeed sir

  5. No intention of pot stirring that is why I didn’t repeat the details. If you have folks in the service and have not heard anything I am going to count it as military rumor( the leading pastime in the service) and apologize for not having a better way to check validity.
    Thank you

  6. Grenadier1

    Give me some details and I will check with sources. Sometimes folks dont openly volunteer things because they dont want to be a source of rumors but when asked they will confirm what they have heard.

  7. Just follow up on this one as all four Marines related this to me, deployment to Africa exact location unknown. If this checks we may consider discussing the other.

  8. Grenadier1

    Yes I have heard some rumblings on this as well.
    Will gather some info and post it here.

  9. Grenadier1



    These two stories are of course publicly presented so lack exact details but these go along with the development of several foreign based USMC units.
    Here is the page for the Africa USMC unit


    Now those are as I said public sources. I have heard rumors mentioned on several sites I lurk at about deployments to the horn of Africa in support of drone operations. Apparently they are constructing a base of operations for drone strikes across sub-saharan Africa.

    • Interesting though the deployment would seem to be much larger than those sources indicate. Well wouldn’t be the first time thats happened.
      Ok so there is some meat here at least.
      As promised:
      Cols and Lt Col/Majors being shuffled around on political concerns in and out of command positions.
      RIFs of service members for little or no good reason (and folks please I am just the messenger here) consisting largely one racial group. Once I would not have placed any credence in this but after the last three years that can longer be said.
      Greatly increased PT regime, they explained this was always a good indication a combat deployment was in the works.
      They went on to other things of concern for them but seemed much less sure about those topics so I am not going to repeat them.
      No ideal what any of it means, just wish these young men well and feel it is our part of the contract to watch out for their well being.