Back In The Saddle Again

And rarin’ to go.

15 responses to “Back In The Saddle Again

  1. Is there something specific that might have set old Bill Nye off with his latest. I mean there sure is plent ‘o reasons to be pissed off but what flew up his butt to get him so fired up?

    I do like the dissociate message though.:)

  2. Coming back to fling poop? Shame we still have this kind of crap going on. We need less of this derisiveness and more pushing for unity beyond petty damn childish playground squabbles. Now damn sure ain’t the time to be whining over insulted feelings.


    Gentlemen forgive the language but I would say without doubt somebody is owed a big fuckin grovelling apology by some “leaders” of this community. Object lesson for us all, stop throwing people to the damned dogs.

  4. Your picture of a still has generated a legal liability. Is the value you have gained worth that felony risk? Is that the biggest possible value you could have gained for a felony risk? Why don’t you instead grow some pot and become a multi-millionaire? If you had 2,000 ounces of gold coins in your possession you wouldn’t care what the price of gas is, and it’s still the same felony risk.

    What kind of feedstock are you going to put in that still to generate a 20 gallon automobile gas tank fill up every week? To win, you must gain self-sufficiency faster than the Bad People can take it away; I don’t think you are gaining ground with a still that small. Instead, why don’t you build a small crude oil refining plant?

  5. TO Anon 00:04
    “Your picture of a still has generated a legal liability. ”
    How? its a danged picture you silly wuss! How is that gonna get a body in trouble with ‘da Law’ SHeeSH! Give it damned rest.

    Oh, and to boot, that ‘little still’ pictured is 220 frikken gallons offered for sale by a FEDERALLY SANCTIONED Company in Texas!
    SO, smoke that one in your LEGAL pipe, you putz. Stop harping on people about the ‘legality’ of their actions and worry about your own actions.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Don’t you just love the comments from these ubercompliant wussies? Always having to point out your errors and flaws, on top of that you might also be misbehaving against the fedgov. That really puts a heavy burden on them ’cause they now have to carry more of the weight, on account of your slackin off. Somebody needs to spank their ass and send them home to mommy.
      You’re also looking at tomorrow’s snitch.

    • “Your picture of a still has generated a legal liability.” How?

      Distilling as he’s announced he plans to do is illegal. Possessing the still is legal, using it is not. Why doesn’t he just keep his mouth shut? Being prosecuted by the ATF for a distilling violation is not going to make Bill’s life better. Maybe they’ll just pressure him to become a snitch? Instead, Bill could do all the self-sufficiency things he’s doing today, but just not confess it on the web. Since you approve of his self-defeating strategy, why don’t you post pictures of how you’re just about to start manufacturing machine guns?

      • theelectorretards


        Are you really this fucking retarded? Or did you just drink a cup of the Sopsey Kool Aid?

        Bill Nye

        • Semper Fi, 0321

          I’m not sure, but he might be the guy that ratted me out in the 3rd grade. I said a bad word out on the playground.

        • Are you really this fucking retarded? Or did you just drink a cup of the Sopsey Kool Aid?

          What is your plan for how you are going to achieve long-term liberty for yourself, and how does announcing your intention to commit distilling felonies advance this plan? That’s what I’m interested in, not name-calling or fetish porn.

  6. “You’re also looking at tomorrow’s snitch.”
    Ain’t that the damned truth!!!! I am not gonna let it stop me though, I am sick to my nuts4ck of little whiners like that one.

    And I wonder just how many of them are making a killer wage working for taxmoney. Probably far more than I would like to think about.

  7. Semper Fi, 0321

    On the apple pie recipe, I’ve always added a handful of raisins, it adds to the ‘apple pie’ taste. Put it in an old crock jug with a cork and try to let it ‘age’ for at least a few weeks. Doesn’t last very long at rendezvous.

  8. To 12:44
    As for the machine guns, Got news for you, I am not all that fond of spending that kind of mad cash feeding things like MG’s. IF I were choosing to make machine guns, I could post about it all I want and it would still be NO SKIN off of you and I take my own risks WITHOUT insight from losers hiding behind some anon moniker. Besides, Your point stated specifically, and I quote, ““Your picture of a still has generated a legal liability” But you refused to answer the “HOW?” question. Fact is, I don’t have anymore time to waste on you as you won’t even come out and face us as a NAME. SO, Pony up a name or be gone.