Warning Label Generator


H/t to GMH.

Update: Pat sends:

From Grog:


11 responses to “Warning Label Generator

  1. Grenadier1

    Anybody got a place we can store these images that is accessable by all of us?

  2. Thanks I needed that smile.

  3. I think the only warning we should ever give these ass-clowns is the sudden interruption of thought resulting from the entrance of 55gr. of copper jacketed lead at 3,000fps in the head. Or 230gr. of the same at 900fps. YMMV. Oh, excuse me, did I interrupt your train of thought?

  4. Prairie Fire

    I do think that there is good utility for stickers such as the first one, in the near future. The plastering of III stickers, is just good practice in these soft times. It is more of a merry-making effort.

    The placing of the warning stickers (having learnt from the doing of III stickers) sends a stronger message.

    Good manners require the rattlesnake’s warning that it’s not too late to do the right thing. For some of those thus stickered (dependants of bad people), the announcement of a divorce filing might be the right thing. Domestic issues sure might help with getting inside of the Other Person’s OODA loop, no?

    • Prairie Fire

      A good 4gen effort might focus, in a non-violent way with stickers such as this, to break apart the family structure of the Other People. Turnabout’s fair play, right? One of the Other Folks who is facing the dissolution of his family life, seeing half of his pension going towards his divorce, ect., is going to be less effective in his fight against FreeFor.

    • By Jove, I think he’s got it!

  5. I sent one.


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  7. The Warning sticker might work well. You have an ass that is just unmanagable, put a warning sticker that he will find with a statement: We’re Watching You, You Fuck-up, You Get Fucked-Up!