Georgia PATCON – 31 Mar/1 April – Hard Labor Creek State Park

Previous info here.

Rally point will be Group Shelter 2. We have it for both days.

Final pork count will be tomorrow morning.

Also, Tom Baugh sends:

OK, I have (more accurately, Starve Monkey Press has) cottage #5, sleeps 8 in four double-beds. All squatters are welcome within the park rules of 8 max, but main intention is for out-of-state guests, far-flung instate outside of two hours or so, or elderly or infirm from anywhere.

Showers, restroom and kitchen open to whomever as needed. Anyone wishing to use the shower will need to bring towels as linens are limited.

Please either include on your Wednesday update or I’ll post as a comment.


See you Saturday.

7 responses to “Georgia PATCON – 31 Mar/1 April – Hard Labor Creek State Park

  1. OK, Count 3 of us IN for the pork feast. Looking forward to getting to work, gents.

  2. Looks like I can make is, probably will spend the night at my brothers house in Lilburn.

  3. Still planning on being there all of Saturday but no swine for me. Thanks for setting this up.

  4. Dunno if there is wifi of any value there – but this offer stands to any future PATCON:
    If someone that knows how to steer Tor is going to be there and wants to demo, give me a time and I’ll present online – any Darknet topic you would like to know more about.

  5. Grenadier1

    Thats Group Shelter 2 which is on Lake Rutledge correct? Not in the camp ground proper.

  6. Patriot hostel open. Limited parking, unlimited sleeping bag space if willing to hump to cottage 5. Tom