The Fight Is Already On

AmMerc gets it.

And here’s the real problem: there is no institutional relief or reinforcements coming to help Team Freedom.

Get that hopey-changey crap straight out of your brain right now.

Win with what you have, or be wiped out – either by the enforcers themselves or by their allies in the FSA.

And the smart money ain’t on ‘win’.

Think hard on Josey Wales’ words over the weekend:

Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean.

‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win.

That’s just the way it is.


17 responses to “The Fight Is Already On

  1. Jimmy the Saint

    So, calling the bulk of our fellow Americans stupid, lazy, sheeple isn’t an effective recruiting tactic? Who could have predicted that!

  2. Well hell my folks have been fighting lost causes since Jackson betrayed the Cherokee and Lincoln betrayed the Constitution so that aint no matter.

    Call the bulk of Americans what you will and let the results to date speak for themselves. Not very flattering is it.

  3. There is a lot of real life wisdom in The Outlaw Josey Wales – one of my favorite flicks.
    With the national debt at $15 TR, and with a lot more promised for the future the economic situation is past the tipping point. Collapse is inevitable, and when the pipe ceases to fill the public trough the FSA is going to get pissed off. When the Productive Sector no longer supplies them with what they think they are owed it will be a replay of the Greater Los Angeles County Inter-ethnic May Festival of 1992.

    • Mark Matis

      As I have said before, the FSA as evidenced in “the Greater Los Angeles County Inter-ethnic May Festival of 1992” may do well in their AO, but they are not so hot outside that zone. Sure, they will bring their AO pig buddies with them, and the first few surrounding suburban areas will pay the price, but after that…
      And the areas where the FSA live have NO credible way of supporting themselves when TSHTF. EVERYTHING they need to survive is imported from OUTSIDE their AO…

  4. c'mon you slags

    Holy hoppin’ St. Pete…
    Can we be DONE with all the bemoaning and preaching to the choir and roll up our sleeves and start having praxis posts again and get down to work?
    Are we STILL documenting every pissant dribbling of the state and gnashing our teeth at the size of the task presented?
    This is some seriously tiresome defeatist crap.
    Man the hell up.
    I hope the PATCONs get some traction and DO something, and don’t devolve into another knitting circle.
    Good job, gentlemen – not only are we a joke to those with real budgets, but we have all the solidarity and resolve of a pack of tweens.

    • Slags:

      1) Guest posts are always welcome at Praxis away.

      2) You and all other free men are free to act in any way you choose at any time. You’re free, right?

      3) There’s a time and a place for both talkin’ and for doin’. I was taught not to mix those up.

      4) If you sense fatigue, you’re right. Approaching five years and 4,000 posts in this iteration, with plenty more before that when I started down this road nearly nine years ago.

      Enjoy the quiet, bro. It ain’t gonna last.

      • “Enjoy the quiet, bro. It ain’t gonna last.”
        Aint that the fooking truth.

        That brings to mind the famous words of some guy whose name I forgot:
        “Frankly I would rather keep the red stuff on the inside for as long as possible.”

  5. It’s kind of nice to observe they tend to stand in a line abreast, But then again, Why the hell are you still in their AO?

    • ghostsniper

      There’s a reason for the army’s *5 meter intervals*, the gov’t thugs don’t seem to realize that.

      They wanna be perceived as soldiers but lack the tools.

  6. Prepare to take advantage of the “entry stack” who line up in very-predictable places. Just sayin’…. a small force multiplier, as used by our low-tech Afghan instructors, could do a whole lotta teaching fast.

    Domestic police forces operate on the assumption that criminals are quite a bit more stupid/impaired than they are (normally correct), without effective cooperative defenses or lookouts, operating in an unprepared permissive environment (normally correct), with fewer economic and technical resources (true, but .gov forces waste and neglect so much of their nearly-unlimited resources that it’s possible to dodge/minimize those deployed).

    Will the GovFor continue operating like the Mexican central gov’t and treat an insurgency as a bunch of unrelated criminal activities? Or, will they get smart and treat it as 4G warfare that they are not optimized to fight?

    Let’s delay. I appreciate $0.12 KW/H’s delivered 24/7/365 for years on end. Clean tap water and FedEx are good. More PT may let me get to the APFT qualification for old men. Family is beginning to understand what 20%+ unemployment means to the big picture, and what will happen “when money dies”. Team Korean Shopkeeper needs to be recruited as part of the big Team FreeFor for the following game seasons.


    • Pig Runner

      rufus 13: Rotsa ruck to you dude, you sound as if you are living in a bad place. If you won’t move out of your bad AO, your best bet is to get tight with the Korean shopkeepers that you mention.

  7. I hate to be a nose picker here, but the operative word is… “You are – AT – liberty to…”

    Freedom, in its purest form, is a state of being without any external restraints or consequences for ones actions.

    Anyhow… morals?


    • Grenadier1

      Even when you are free there are ALWAYS consequences for your actions.
      Sometimes they are good, other times…….not so much.

  8. Pig Runner

    Nice pic there showing a good stack from another direction.

    CA and 0321 will excuse the use of a different handle for this post, I do hope.

    To the book learning: FM 23-67 talks about three aspects of fire. One aspect is to the GROUND. Another aspect is to the TARGET. The third aspect, is to the GUN.

    We look at a pic of people doing maybe illegal stuff. How to engage, if the rules have come off?

    With respect to the GROUND, choices are two, grazing or plunging. The guy with the rifle within 500y might take “grazing”, Alex.

    With respect to the TARGET, a fine choice might be to choose a position where the target presents itself in a file, in the case of the pic, a sideways file. A good snuffie gives the right answer as “flanking enfilade fire.” This situation saves rounds otherwise wasted.

    With respect to the GUN (and it can be a bolt-runner, this is all just theory backed by military FMs), the only choice possible given the flanking enfilade idea, is “searching” fire.

    Book learning from FM 23-67 is now over. Be polite to all you meet, etc.