TL Davis: House Of Tyranny

TL comments on what it takes to hold power today.

That, and a cringing populace.

Cringe less.

Stiffen your sinews.

Harden your hearts.

Work in your AO.


One response to “TL Davis: House Of Tyranny

  1. Obongocare, in whatever form, will just keep coming back, no matter what happens, as long as there are collectivists who breathe. Obongocare is not the point, Collectivism is. And like I said, as long as they breathe, they will keep coming back with it,or something like it, until we are all completely helpless and enslaved by them. What they do are only symptoms. The disease in Communism, and until you eliminate them, the vectors of the disease, you will not stop it. There are a thousand ways they can get what they want, so stopping one law is not going to stop them. To stop them, you have to STOP them. Obongocare is merely a sop.