Pat Buchanan must be denounced.

So too Heather MacDonald.

And Billy Beck?

Already anathema.

That is all.

6 responses to “Hatespeech

  1. brocktownsend

    Heather MacDonald
    Hadn’t seen this and posted.


    “They” can posture and shriek all they want to. The common folk know the score. When the ancestors of today’s collectivists and race hustlers(black and white) started forcing the white kids and the black kids on school buses to be shuttled across town, moms and dads sold their houses and moved to the suburbs. Dad bought a compact rice burner and commuted up to 50 miles one way to keep his kids out of a high school where they would be beat up in the latrine for their lunch money. I was born and raised in the LA area and saw it unfold in the early 50’s. By the time I was a peace officer in another adjacent county in the 70’s, white flight was a fact of life and my agency contended with groups of ghetto dwellers who would use the freeway system to pillage high-end stores in our shopping malls.
    Watts ’65 and King ’92 just added icing to the cake and here we are. My only consolation is that now I and mine are in a remote area some 800 miles from the next ground zero of the coming racial hijinks. I would strongly urge any law-abiding, working urban dweller to rethink their priorities and get out while you can.

  3. Hatespeach? Do you call the listing of actual crime statistics hatespeach? Let me clue you in on the actual real world events and not some Unicorn infested, raining Skittles from the sky utopia. Having been an Executive Chef of the largest hotels in New York,Boston and Denver, I believe that I am an expert in crimes perpertrated againest good,hard-working employees of the food service and hospitality industries. In New York I had four hundred employees. Evrey employee that I had spoken to personally,interviewed,mediated disputes with,administered benefits to,counseled,disciplined,or gave a commendation to in a conversation,usually mentioned crime as a concern in thier life. Eighty percent of my employees were “minorities”. The overwhelming majority of the crimes commited againest my employees:assault,robbery,burglary,rape and theft was commited by black males. I lived in New York for nine years. It is a FACT that the majority of violent crime in New York is commited by young black males. It may not fit some peoples political adgenda to hear the truth. I don’t care if some one agrees with the facts or not.I don’t care if some one doesn’t like the facts or not. Your “feelings” or “opinions” do not change the reality of crime in the USA.If bringing this up makes me a racist, I will cry myself to sleep tonight.

  4. Knuck:

    Your question re “hatespeech” mens that my snark did not succeed. 🙂

    There ARE those who claim that such statistical listings (and those who publish same) are racist.

    I am not one of those.

    Thanks for your comment.

  5. I really don’t care what the commies in this country call anything I do, because I’m going to do it anyway. What these collectivist bastards spout off is designed to do one thing, cause people to start a commotion about what was said and spend their time dissecting it. Meanwhile, the collectivists move on and watch the proles squabble, instead of oppose them. Since I am well versed, as well as informed, as to what the collectivists will do in any given situation, I just continue to march, and pay them no heed. They (the collectivists) call us reactionaries, because that is what we do, react to every thing that happens, and what they say, instead of just doing what we have planned and moving on. The term reactionary is one of derision on their part, as whatever they do is planned and rote, and they delight in watching us carry on about a thing, which they know will both divide us, and waste our time and resources. It’s one of the main reasons they refer to, “The Inevability of Socialism”. We literally do their work for them.