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SK: The Empire Of Poverty

Sultan Knish writes another excellent big-picture piece.

Remember this central fact:

The powers-that-be want to break you, or, in the alternative, kill you.

And they want you to do it to yourselves, so as to save them the bother.

They and their minions have it coming in return.

By any means necessary.

Analyzing Your Ground

An example, courtesy of the Lizard Farmer.

Much goodness there, so browse about there.

Tempus fugit.

AAR From The Liberty Summit

From the Bonnie Blue Blog.

Good on ya.

Build tribe.

Build local.

Keep working.

Ihr kumt.

Two From AmMerc

On Tactical Patience

Freedom – Unreasonable Freedom

Come To DC The Weekend Before The Election

Sam explains.

See you there.

Denninger: Murdoch’s Rag Says “Suck It, America”

KD dissects this WSJ piece.

Battlespace prep, kiddies.

Plain and simple.

You ready?

Good Diagnosis – But No Prescription

VDH calls things correctly, as usual.

Also as usual, he fails to discuss what to do.

A pity such classically-trained vision is so often wasted.

Those who survive what is coming will perhaps do better than the current population.

In the meantime, keep working locally.

It’s all that will matter anyway.

Porretto: Tension And Habitat – Part IV

The next installment.

We are not voting our way out of this.

Quote Of The Week

I try because I care and because I see you sawing off your own arm with a rusty butter knife, while it’s your foot caught in the trap.

Busy Weekend

Two from TL Davis:

Observe, With Prejudice

A Reckoning

Sam asks a related question.

And the curriculum for others across the nation:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Time is indeed flying.

Keep working.

Build tribe.


Why…Why….That’s Nothing But Tin-Foil Conspiracy Theory Talk

Bill Nye links to an interesting story, as does Anthony Martin.

But…but….our selfless public servants wouldn’t try to cheat on Presidential elections, would it?

Wouldn’t that be wrong?

And besides….isn’t better for freedom and individual rights to have a successful lifelong statist in the White House, as opposed to its current Illinois wardheeler resident?

Uhh…I mean….Romney has to be better than Obama, right?

Because of his experience as Governor of Massachusetts, right, where he signed both an assault-weapons ban and an individual-mandate obligatory health insurance law?


I mean – anyone is better than Obama, right?



Nothing more.

I don’t care what your Mommy or any other authority-figure stooge tells you.

It’s not going to be alright.

Suck that fact up and get working on holding responsible the people who did this to you and your family.

By any means necessary.

Porretto: Tension And Habitat – Parts II and III

Part II

Part III

Good reading for a Sunday morning over coffee.

Here’s Part I again for those who missed it.

The Mind, It Boggles

“Federal law enforcement” agents conducting “emergency response activities” in the name of “environmental justice” for the purpose of “securing the homeland.”

The Green Police.




Read the DHS “Environmental Justice Strategy” paper.

Sweepers, man your brooms.

(h/t A)

Porretto: Tension And Habitat – Part I

Fran Porretto buys a one-way ticket to the Neo-Gulag with this discussion of The Unmentionables.

Hatespeech – pure and simple.

The date for Mr. Poretto’s stoning and subsequent immolation will be announced.

Attendance will be obligatory, per MiniCult.

The False Idol Of American Democracy

Russ at DumpDC posts this essay.

Regional reorganization is the best way the FUSA will end.

Start to think about what that reality means to you.

Tempus fugit.


…My father remembers how the guerrillas hunted down Japanese stragglers [after the Battle of Manila].

Teenage soldiers, really.

They would be tied to poles and hundreds of people would line up to smash them with stones.

Human rights goes right out the window in times like that…

Richard Fernandez

ND: Defensive Considerations For Resistance Forces

Mountain Guerrilla posts another gem.


…[R]emember, if it gets to the point where you find yourself defending against multiple enemy personnel, all utilizing select-fire weapons, with armor support, and all in body-armor, you might kill one or some, and wound several others, but you’re not going to WIN and SURVIVE all by your lonesome, and the team you’re going to need isn’t going to be comprised of just you and the missus.

That thinking is so far beyond delusional that it’s fucking stupid.

If you don’t have a crew/team/tribe of friends that you can call, at Zero-Oh-My-God-Do-You-Know-What-Fucking-Time-It-Is-Thirty, and tell them to get to your place with shovels and a bag of lime, and trust that they WILL show up, no questions asked, then your only successful “defense” is going to be a fool-proof escape-and-evasion plan that lets you slip away through an established cordon of enemy security, while the entry team is stacking on the front porch…

Read it all.

Then print it and start working it.


This is not a drill.

Welcome to the Resistance.

Signs Of The Times

Suggested by a reader:

Civil Unrest: Liberals Most At Risk

Richmond Police Launch Midnight ‘Wake-Up Calls’

Do you understand yet?

AmMerc: Ever The Victim…

(click to enlarge)

Read it.

Have you done thorough OAKOC analyses of your neighborhood and its approaches, along with appropriate other planning?

You do realize that you and your few right-minded neighbors will be on your own, right?


Got cube?

Volk On Freedom

Oleg makes a solid point.