Porretto: Fight, Flight, And The Approach Of The Cusp

You betcha, Fran.

Money graf:

…As it has been said for centuries, those who want peace must prepare for war. Similarly, those of us determined to maintain our freedom must be prepared to resist incursions on it. The only conceivable means by which the power-mongers can be deterred, and possibly compelled to retreat, is the creation of an informal resistance force ready, willing, and able to fight and too large and too well prepared to be overcome by the tools and methods at their disposal…

I would one item to his list of necessary steps:

Make a list.

What we are entering was created deliberately.

And everyone in your AO who was part of that creation should be identified, marked, and ranged.

Don’t you think the same has already been done to you?

Kulak me?

Apparatchik you.

Or, in General Forrest’s words:

No man kills me and lives.

See you in Hell, boys.

5 responses to “Porretto: Fight, Flight, And The Approach Of The Cusp

  1. Mark Matis

    Pigs first. Using their very own ROE.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      A 12 man assault team, firing 800 rounds in 30 seconds and scoring 6 hits?

      • Mark Matis

        Not quite. Flame ’em all in the middle of the night. Don’t make no difference who’s in there with them. If they weren’t associating with criminals, they wouldn’t have been hurt.