Shaping Operations: FREEFOR Example

An excellent piece from Jim Rawles’ place.

A very experienced action guy once told me the key to successful propaganda:

Tell the truth, and help people to see it as such.

Build tribe.

Help people to understand what is happening.


7 responses to “Shaping Operations: FREEFOR Example

  1. Jesus talking about the sower and the seed comes to mind. But I just don’t worry that much about it anymore, because some will see it, and many will not, for whatever reason. I always got a hand outstretched to help anyone who’s looking to get on board, because later, many hands will make for light work.

  2. Tell the truth, and help people to see it as such.

    Great quote, CA.

    I’ll add to Sean’s comment this quote.

    “Christian love is addressed to a man, to a neighbor or several neighbors; it is an interindividual matter.”

  3. Concerned American, some damn fine articles linked to lately. Keep ’em coming!

  4. ghostsniper

    Sorry, but I just don’t see the bridge between joking about a zombie apocalypse and an investment. One is silly and the other is serious.
    The author of that article has convinced himself he is taken seriously by others.

    I talk rarely to others about this stuff because as Sean (above) has said, some get it and others never will. I broach the topic seriously and cautiously and watch for warning signs. When I notice the usual signs of boredom, yawning and offhand insults I shut my ass and leave. I don’t want to be around such adolescents.

    • Prairie Fire

      Can’t see the bridge between joking about a zombie apocalypse and an investment? That must mean you have no future in sales. Huh. Me neither.

      As we go around each day, we might want to look at the people we meet with the idea of… what is this person likely capable of doing, on this particular day and not six months or two years from now. After all, that person’s whole freaking life has shaped what you see today, and much that you see today is not easily nor permanently changeable. Make your choice based on physical, intellectual, and moral factors that are shown to you. You’re the discriminatory one, the mix of those factors as you see that other person is your choice alone.

      I have to leave the selling to the salesmen, I am just a purchaser doing discriminatory buying.

      That said, takes nothing away from the very good advice posted above, regarding the making of subjectivly honest propaganda as a shaping tool for tomorrow.

    • Battlefield USA

      The best one can do is plant some seeds. While there are many who do not get it now, there will be plenty who will get it later… and our hope is that dormant seed will sprout then.

      Or, we can let the other side plant their seeds, and when it comes time for them to get it… their seed will sprout.

      If one is just going to go around and cold-cocking people in the face to “get it,” they’ll just end up resenting you.

  5. Grenadier1

    This is a process gents. i sent this link to CA because i wanted to introduce the concept of Guided Discovery to the readership. This article is a good example of it. Look deeper than his specific terms and story. Many if not most of our allies dont know they are our allies yet. They dont know that one day they may share a fighting hole with one of us. We cant wait around for something to happen that shocks them into awareness. It is in our best interests to begin exposing them to the concepts of self reliance. Self reliance leads to independance which leads to appreciation of liberty and freedom. Our society is so far removed from what is actual freedom and liberty that to subject the average person to exposure to those concepts results in imediate shutdown. The person being approached mentally places you in a catagory with “those people” you all know one of “those people”. This can be addressed by slow innoculation to the concepts. Guide them to the place you want them to be by introducing ideas slowly and they will internally Discover the conections themselves.