SK: We Are All George Zimmerman

Read it all, please.

Then read this comment on same.

Do you understand yet?

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  1. I am waiting for the results of the autopsy to come out that might indicate GANG TATTOOS on that young child. I have seen photos from his facebook page that are ‘now’ supposed to be from “A different Trayvon’s” facebook that show the slogan “Made Nigga” along with the name of a street gang. Who knows what might have happened if George Zimmerman had NOT come across this young “Made Nigga” gangsta wannabee. Perhaps some retired Honkey’s home might have been burglarize or car broken into. I am a member of my own neighborhood’s WATCH program and due to drug activity, all of us who watch our & our neighbor’s homes ARE ARMED. Presently we have one former “neighborhood unlicensed pharmacist” sitting in Fed Custody due to a couple dozen AK-47’s that he purchased with cocaine, as well as another “Late night adventurer” (burglar) facing Habitual Criminal charges and the list goes on and on. The “unlicensed pharmacist” has been linked to the murder of a couple whose bodies were recently found after many months of being missing. I for one am fed up with these thugs and druggies and will not lose one bit of sleep if more of them are killed.

    • Mark Matis

      Are you yet willing to say the same about their “Law Enforcement” enablers? Or is that still for “another time”?

      • I’d say their “time” has come. Just like the rest of the SOB’s. By ANY means…


        • A helmet cam or vest pocket cam running continuously during your patrol would provide some images and timeline for any encounters. Watch your mouth if you have audio enabled. This will help your case if you are in-fact in the right. If in the wrong, expect unfriendly cameras to be pointing your way, with parabolic microphones catching the “racist” comments mixed with curses loud and clear.

          +1 on gold teeth “grill” display and pre-gangster tat’s. 17 year old varsity football boy is a formidable opponent in a ground scuffle.


      • Mark,
        What is your feeling about the cops who didn’t arrest Zimmerman when they could have? Didn’t they do the right thing, at least this once?

        • Mark Matis

          Actually, they DID arrest him. They did not, however, hold him for more than 5 hours, as far as I can tell. And yes, they DID on this occasion do the right thing for a change. The filthy whore prosecutor is the one who did not. Along with every “Law Enforcement” officer who knows who put out the bounty on Zimmerman, or who SHOULD BE ABLE TO FIND OUT who put out that bounty. I do NOT claim that “Law Enforcement” act criminally all the time every day. I DO claim that effectively all of them do so frequently enough, in so foul a manner, that their acts are felonious and treasonous. And as I said before, looking the other way screaming “I SEE NOTHING” is not honoring their oath.

          • Mark Matis

            Let me also say that I realize the “Road to Damascus” may be long and winding for some “Law Enforcement” officers. And they may occasionally backtrack while on that road. But “getting one right” every once in a while is no more a sign of a “good” cop than it would be a sign of a “good” Mafia enforcer. And I really DO consider the Mafia enforcers, and even their hit men, to be far more honorable than almost ANY “Law Enforcement” officer in this country today.

  2. Can’t wait til it’s my turn in the barrel. What I like most about this tragi-comedy is that the swine at CNN make so much of it, along with that buffaloe-with-a-blond-wig prosecutor. There she is, the final product of what the socialist/feminists laboratory has been working so hard to achieve. A “woman” with no more moral scruples than an equally awful man.

  3. Grenadier1

    I got to say this is good stuff.
    Normally I dont take in an entire SK article, he’s somewhat too intentionally intelectual for my taste. This one was real good.

  4. There was a piece a few days back on the “Slave Mentality”.
    This situation underscores the need for another type of mentality, the “Criminal Mentality”. Had Zimmerman developed such a mindset he would not be in peril now.
    It is not any desire to steal or do others harm it is instead the recognition that society treats you as a criminal until the day it decides it is time to make you one in fact and living according to that reality.
    Perhaps we should indeed be violating mala prohibita as a matter of training for the day when life outside the confines of “polite society” becomes the fact. But it should be chosen carefully done very cautiously as foolishness becomes very self destructive in that condition.
    Or pretend otherwise, its your trial.

    • Rhodes,
      There are a lot of good reasons for violating mala prohibita. One being the ability to “think outside of the box”. Many of us are so used to following the rules that we are incapable of doing something that could save our lives simply because it is against the law, or isn’t acceptable behavior.

      Many years ago I worked as an EMT for an ambulance company. There were times, like rush hour, when I had to drive on the wrong side of the freeway or the wrong way down a one-way street in order to get past traffic to a heart attack or an injury accident. Although I usually obey the traffic laws today, I am fully capable of ignoring them if and when it becomes necessary or even simply very desirable. And yes, I do indeed continue to do that from time-to-time, both because I believe it is right to ignore mala prohibita and because it is good to stay in practice.

      • It is a start.
        I wont list my long preferred method since it harms no one and could cost me everything. As you say its good practice and well I would be doing it any way.

  5. thomaspaine861

    Sorry to admit that I am a professing Christian (and I have a lot better reason than most of you could ever understand, having been on “the other side” for most of my life), but this is a fight between good and evil, between morality and immorality, between truth and lies. Now you can attach God and Satan to these states, or you can believe whatever you want otherwise, but it IS good v. evil. And it will not go away, it is part of man.

    And so we have to reconcile ourselves to which side we’re on, and so far, “good” has conquered “evil” at every turn. I have my faith to guide and comfort me, and I know that He is in control. But even Jesus told his disciples to sell their clothes to buy swords. And in the End, good will reign. I may not be here on earth to see it, but I know where i WILL be.

  6. This is Dan Greenfield’s finest essay thus far.

    He’s absolutely spot on with his analysis and leaves no doubt that if we Celts (and associates) don’t take action with regard to rogue Negro Power in America (which are a part of the progressive political machine), that is to say, we riot, then we should simply fold our tents and ask permission to wear knee pads while licking their boots.

    It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

    Me, I’m limbering up my self defense tools.