Volk On Freedom: Don’t End Up Like Reginald Denny

More truth from Oleg.

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  1. I had to dig thru the cobwebs in my old brain to recall why the name Reginald Denny sounded familiar then it hit me that he was the Honkey truck driver that got yanked from his truck during some of the LA Monkey riots and got pounded on. Whenever I leave my front door, I am carrying a 38 loaded with hydroshocks and whenever I am on the road I have a folding stock AK-47 in a large bag that is within easy reach. The AK mags are rotated every month for a fresh one to avoid feed-spring compression. I started carrying the AK while I was working for an ATM company and got followed once while on an ATM refilling run. The 38 has been needed only once and that was for a stupid burglar who picked the wrong house. For all around preparedness, I highly recommend rotating magazines and have all the other mags ready with stripper clip ammo ready to quickly fill those mags. Since I am on the road a lot I take advantage of the laws regarding my Ham Radio FCC License that says that any licensed Ham Radio Operator can have a radio capable of receiving Police radios in his vehicle. My Ham gear is in a portable box right next to my scanner that has my entire list of State Police frequencies programmed. That is one way to know what is going on up the road—it does PAY to be prepared. Stay safe.

  2. Reginald Denny had an incredible weapon at his disposal and chose not to use it. Just imagine the kind of damage he could have done to those hoodlums with his 18-wheeler truck. Lock the doors and start running stuff over. But no, he stopped and gave the miscreants the chance to pull him out of the cab. I doubt that he would have used a pistol/rifle if he had one.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I doubt that he would have used a pistol/rifle if he had one.”

      He was in Los Angeles – he couldn’t have had one. If he had, they’d have buried him under the jail – hate crimes, gun enhancements, etc. By the time the spin machine got done with him, he’d have been the official cause of the riots.

      It does present an interesting lawsuit against the government, though. If the gov prohibits you from carrying the means to protect yourself, they are, in effect, making themselves the absolute guarantor of your safety. Granted, they’d fall back on the “police have no duty to protect you,” line of cases, but in tort law, they’d still likely be liable, since they actively prevent people from ensuring their own safety.

  3. Just for fun, I loaded some AR-15 mags, of various makes, to see how spring compression happens, and all magazines functioned perfectly, after being loaded more than three years. I don’t know of any spring compression problems with any mags, and I’ve only read or heard of it. In Viet-Nam, and in CONUS, I’ve seen 20rd aluminium mags with worn and saggy springs, and I fugure they were from over-use at ranges and such. But I yes indeedy would like to have one of them there Kel-Tecs, they look like fun.

    • A number of studies have been done, and it’s my understanding too that compression-set of mag springs is a non-issue. I have taken HK 20 rd mags that were fully loaded for eight years and they functioned just fine when I took them out in the boonies to check them out. Same with most of my AR and Glock mags. These were mags that were placed in storage while I traveled around the country, then took out when I returned to where they were stored. If you have any in caches, don’t worry about them. They will work. I do have replacement springs for some of the mags, but haven’t needed them yet.

  4. The SU-16, in all the variants, is a lightweight /sturdy/corrosion-resistant carbine that is not an AR-15, but leverages the existence of millions of magazines and billions of the most-common cartridge in North America. Kel-Tec did well to put so many useful features on a lightweight carbine in this price range. I wouldn’t put a drum in an SU-16 and fire 100 rounds as fast as possible. It’s not a semi-auto SAW.

    Takedown is easy. Less complexity than AR-15. Runs fine with a certain amount of filth in the chamber and piston. Good magazines and clean ammunition is important. Accuracy is not a “ragged single hole”, but I wouldn’t trade dirty reliability for sub-MOA in a sport-utility weapon. Kel-Tec wasn’t building a weapon for DoD issue to everyone everywhere, and could reasonably and practically consider that the .223 is “effective” at ranges much shorter than it is “accurate”. There was no requirement to hit an 8″ paper plate at 600M, thus rock-solid machined receiver rails, flex-less stocks, and other spiffy-but-costly parts of a mil-spec M-16/M-4 could be deleted.

    Did I mention that it is several pounds lighter than I expected? The folding stock improves backpack concealed carry when bundled with tent poles. With a 10-round magazine and peeps it seems about equal in weight to a 10/22 with TechSights and a Choate folder.

    There is an adapter for AR-15 stocks. This opens up a huge list of accessories to fit anyone.


    • The KT Sub-2000 travels very well also. Folds to 16″ and you can get it in 40 cal. If you have a Glock it can even use the same mags. Very effective out to over 125m depending on ammo.

  5. The concept of the “truck gun” has returned.
    While I wont risk a $1100 308 by leaving it secured in the truck there is always that dependable old 40cal carbine.

    • Agree. It’s been said by many that the pistol is simply a tool to use to get to your rifle. So just carry a rifle stashed in your vehicle at all times.
      Live Free.


  6. I like bullpups. I wish the KSG was easier to acquire right now.

  7. Semper Fi, 0321

    Like StevenKY said, don’t overlook a side-folding AK, I keep mine with a 20 rd mag for ease of handling. And a SBR AK is even nicer.
    Also, 7.62 FMJ sure punches thru doors and glass a lot better than a .223 FMJ, a serious issue when you are in a car battle. A buddy told me their M4 bullets were just bouncing off windshields in Baghdad, very low rate of penetration which is not a good thing!
    Someone posted an article last year about tennis racquet bags from the thrift store for carrying your AK around in, very low profile going from house to car with a Nike or Wilson bag over your shoulder!

  8. I love my AR “pistol”.

    It’s perfect.