SK: Afghanistan At Home

Sultan Knish connects some uncomfortable dots.

Here are a few more:

– Do you think Billy Beck was right when he implied, in substance (here, and see also generally these observations), that what has been happening for some time is a reversal by the European elites – after 230 some-odd years – of what the American revolutionists initiated via the values set forth in the Declaration of Independence?

– Do you really believe that the American veterans of the Muslim Wars will be employed, in their new domestic homeland-security jobs, against the followers of Mohammed living now in North America?

– Or, in true Orwellian fashion, will Minipax and its AmSoc forces redefine, identify, and target a new group of terrorist enemies, who profess a different faith altogether – that of individual freedom and implacable resistance to tyranny?

– And, most importantly – will those American freedom fighters of today have the courage against all odds demonstrated by another desperate minority sixty-nine years ago?

Happy Patriot’s Day, friends.

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  1. This bit hit home:
    “Counterinsurgency and community policing are both statements of failure. Counterinsurgency focuses on fighting an ideological war for the hearts and minds of an alien population against their own religious and national goals. … Community policing is a concession that there is a tremendous gap between those doing the policing and those being policed. “

  2. Yes, I have the courage to do the same. Too bad the majority in this country have no courage at all. I won’t be fighting for them, but my own tribe. Hey, look at that, they’re all white, Christian, realists. Imagine.

  3. An important shaping step is to starve the military (and defense contractors, for that matter) of our children. Teach them that if they do join, it is just for a check and skills, not for Mom and apple pie. This will eventually force a draft to continue overseas resource-grabs (or domestic “resource reallocations”), which leads to blanket de-legitimization. Imagine a drug-laced Vietnam-era conscript military (new and improved with full-body huggers) trying to move on a disgruntled contemporary Anywhere, Montana, for example, versus the same thing being attempted by the praise-drenched and politically deluded military we have now. Or a defense industry trying to work with Executive Ordered labor.

    It is also important to stop knee-jerk praise for active duty military or veterans (I say this as one such veteran who is feeling much better now). Promote the message, “it’s just a job, not an adventure (or even patriotic)”. If one expects the military to hesitate before moving against Americans, it is important to make them doubt that “we” unconditionally have their back if they do.

    The active-duty military mind must be made to understand that their charter, individually, is conditional and revocable. We’ve tried the opposite experiment of “love thy police and they won’t hurt us” and we’ve seen where that went. Both the carrot and the stick are important, and we’re running slap out of carrots. This discussion is something each one of us can do, today, each time we see someone in uniform strutting (or is it mincing now?) around as if they deserve our unconditional fealty. It’s fun, and good for the country.

    Interestingly, the service academies, USNA in particular, have started major initiatives to recruit “Christian soldiers” among the homeschool community. That trend has a lot of implications beyond the scope of this discussion.

  4. GardenSERF

    “Do you really believe that the American veterans of the Muslim Wars will be employed, in their new domestic homeland-security jobs, against the followers of Mohammed living now in North America?”

    Not too long ago DHS cited recent American war veterans as the potential future threat; and I quote:

    “…the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks.”

  5. GS:

    Them’s are the good ‘uns.

  6. GS, I hope DHS is right. LOL

    • LOL so do I, though the troops DID follow illegal orders in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I suspect it would be similar to the Overthrow of Romania’s dictator in 1989 where the military only defected to the people’s after they realized what they did.

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  8. Good essay, but it neglects, based on Dan Greenfield’s Zionism, the role Goldman-Sachs has played in the greatest threat to the US economy via the theft (aka bailouts) of tax funds in the history of America.

    The Rothchild/Rockefeller errand boys. For those that may not know, that’s Henry Paulson on the left and Bernanke on the right in the photo.

    They’re not Muslims and are a greater threat to America by a factor of 10 than all the Muslims added together.