AmMerc: Ever The Victim…

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Have you done thorough OAKOC analyses of your neighborhood and its approaches, along with appropriate other planning?

You do realize that you and your few right-minded neighbors will be on your own, right?


Got cube?

One response to “AmMerc: Ever The Victim…

  1. We went through some pretty severe flooding along the Missouri River last summer. High water for about a hundred days and no clear forecast of how high it was going to go. You’d be surprised what a bunch of hick farmers can do in a short time and plenty of incentive. Had to drive through a “tunnel” of four-foot high trap-bags (similar to the cubes) on either side of the road for miles every day to get to work. Cars bounce off of them with very little damage to the bags. Many farmers on the bottom land threw up eight to ten foot high berms around their houses to keep out the water. Strange to see someone taking a boat out to check on the house. Lost some houses and the river tore up a lot of ground and trees, but we keep on keeping on.