Volk On Freedom

Oleg makes a solid point.

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  1. Cassandra (of Troy)


    Given the topic of Volk’s picture, there’s a column by Erik Rush @ WND titled Civil Unrest: Liberals most at risk that seems apropos. There’s another item there titled Police launch ‘abusive’ midnight wakeup calls that you also may find interesting given its bizarre nature. Maybe it’s me, but the acts described appear to be at least some kind of recon & at most deliberately provocative.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

  2. Chris Sullins

    Despite the staged bravado of the photo and the title “OK, maybe this wouldn’t stop a riot…but it would certainly end one fast!”, let’s look at some reality:


    Keep in mind we’re still in relatively good times in this country and that explains why things didn’t turn out worse.

    In the case above even if it was my wife being verbally threatened, I’d have to weigh the escalation of force with 20,000 strangers from out of town a stone’s throw from my front door. I no longer have the 3rd ID to back me up. Speaking of stone-throwing there was the time back in Iraq when an entire town was shut down the next morning for a single stone thrown thru a vehicle’s front windshield –behind my humvee. All done without any loss of life. However, I can see something like that going Blackhawk Down in a hurry, too. Doesn’t matter where in the world. Sometimes you have to wait 72 hrs to let the mob’s energy burn itself out first. Adrenaline and alcohol only go so far as fuel. In the meantime, those on the inside of that violent bubble are on their own.

    The reality for ONE guy standing alone against a *violent* crowd of 20K can’t be escaped. The odds aren’t in your favor no matter how much training and ammo you have. While you’re defending the front of your home, someone can set fire to the back of it. The Koreans who chased away the rioters in LA weren’t standing alone on their front porch. They also had high ground and some open parking lots.

    To be sure, though, I would defend myself with lethal force should lethal force be initiated by the crowd such as the molotov thrown through my window or some drunkard trying to grab my wife or daughter after uttering something to the effect of his rape plans. In other words, something clearly beyond the verbal takes it to the next step.

    That said, if you’re solo against rioters numbering in the hundreds or thousands on the street in front of your house, you have to mentally face the possibility it will be your charred body (and those you love) hanging from a bridge the next morning:


    Accept that or you’re fooling yourself. Therefore, plan accordingly and keep your ear to the track. Getting away from the oncoming train before it arrives is certainly a smarter move than going out in a blaze of glory.

  3. I live in the suburbs south of Houston. There is a huge problem here with the gangsta thug-half of Houston’s restive black population freely mixing with ordinary people in public spaces and on the roadways and acting-out their violent tendencies without regard for innocent bystanders. THIS is the element that invaded Surfside that fatal weekend. Volatile, dangerous, self-exterminating and generalyy ignorant.

    Here in Houston and the surrounding burbs, if I see more than a half-dozen American young black males together inside a business, a mall, or a restaurant normally frequented by all races and not just blacks…I pay the check, grab my wife and kids and I casually leave even if there’s hot food on the table.

    They are unpredictable, frequently unsocialized and uncivilized, and they are bullet magnets. They frequently attack each other as if other people nearby are inanimate objects or props in a video….If I ever have to draw-down and shoot someone, I want to do it justifiably in my own neighborhood or home….not in a public place in order to protect myself and other bystanders from black’s ability to self control.

    I say this without guilt and without shame….these people need to get it together or they need to self-exterminate in their OWN neighborhoods and leave the civilized side of American society in peace.

  4. Chris, sometimes the going-out-in-a-blaze-of-glory scene is the only one you’re going to get. Sure, get the hell out of the way of the howling mob if possible. But I ain’t leaving no one behind, and I ain’t giving up my castle without a fight. Yeah, I’ll die on that hill, and maybe with some company. Large mobs are not as unstoppable as you might think, and if you kill enough of them, quickly enough, the middle group will get the idea. I won’t be alone, and my riflemen are well trained, and disciplined. Dyin’ is just the end of livin’. And I’m through with this running crap.

  5. Diamondback

    What Sean said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As long as I take several of my enemy with me, any day is a good day to die.