ND: Defensive Considerations For Resistance Forces

Mountain Guerrilla posts another gem.


…[R]emember, if it gets to the point where you find yourself defending against multiple enemy personnel, all utilizing select-fire weapons, with armor support, and all in body-armor, you might kill one or some, and wound several others, but you’re not going to WIN and SURVIVE all by your lonesome, and the team you’re going to need isn’t going to be comprised of just you and the missus.

That thinking is so far beyond delusional that it’s fucking stupid.

If you don’t have a crew/team/tribe of friends that you can call, at Zero-Oh-My-God-Do-You-Know-What-Fucking-Time-It-Is-Thirty, and tell them to get to your place with shovels and a bag of lime, and trust that they WILL show up, no questions asked, then your only successful “defense” is going to be a fool-proof escape-and-evasion plan that lets you slip away through an established cordon of enemy security, while the entry team is stacking on the front porch…

Read it all.

Then print it and start working it.


This is not a drill.

Welcome to the Resistance.

5 responses to “ND: Defensive Considerations For Resistance Forces

  1. “if it gets to the point where you find yourself defending against multiple enemy personnel, all utilizing select-fire weapons, with armor support,”
    If you want to win, the only successful tactic in this situation is to run. Group suicide is no more practical than individual suicide.
    Don’t take my word for it.
    “He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.”
    Sun Tzu
    The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy.
    Sun Tzu

  2. Anyone know wher to buy Hescos in very smal quantities?

  3. Yes, the best place to be when the government shows up is someplace else.

    Situation permitting, a retreat to a tactical advantageous position is second best. The ability to get above them, with enfilading fire is a plus.

    That said, without several people who come when you call, to take up positions next to you, even with a tactical high ground location, you’ll only last until the goons reinforcements arrive.

    • “The ability to get above them, with enfilading fire is a plus.”

      Imagine a remotely operated firearm (FAL,AR,Shotgun,AK,) that is mounted on a high pole, chimney, steeple or tree. Capable of fire via physical wire or radio. This project is not as difficult as you might think — learn to work with the ardiuno or parallax embedded control systems.

      Parallax offers free lab books(PDF) and free software (for the complete novice) – BUY their proto board and get crackin’. They use the learn by lab teaching method. Parallax offers a FREE lab that will bring you up to snuff on servo control circuits and programming – That and the basic operation labs are all that you will need. — http://www.parallax.com/

      http://www.arduino.cc/ has a great web following among geeks. Its more flexible and cheaper for one off end use than parallax, but more difficult to learn for the lack of organized FREE lab based tutorials. However, there are learning packages that you can purchase. And some for free. But I’ve found that having a base knowledge of electronics and programming is a great help, given the resources available

      The choice is yours – either way the technology can be yours – think force multiplier.

  4. Cassandra (of Troy)

    It may also be advantageous to have some CD rigged false bunkers set up to draw general Imperial forces &/or Sardaukar into an impromptu KZ. Worked for Charlie/others, so why not give it a try w/ some updates that take into account devices like thermal/others? The look of horrified surprise on the faces of the breachers/their colleagues/their immediate commanders/their Imperial Commanders when what they thought was yet another ‘nest clearing’ turns into a mass BBQ will be priceless. I wonder what wine goes w/ Cochon du Fougasse?

    Also, use of various types of plantlife for tactical purposes (such as for warning, movement impediments, funneling of unfriendlies, etc.) might prove to be quite helpful. There’s a kind of weed common in the South that when dead gives off a small bell-like tone due to multiple bell-shaped flowers on stalks that protrude from the main shaft of the weed. As it grows from mid-shin to knee high & really makes noise discipline a pain in the tuchis when hunting, it might also prove to be equally problematic for uninvited ‘guests’ due to its innocuous appearence.

    Cassandra (of Troy)