Porretto: Tension And Habitat – Part I

Fran Porretto buys a one-way ticket to the Neo-Gulag with this discussion of The Unmentionables.

Hatespeech – pure and simple.

The date for Mr. Poretto’s stoning and subsequent immolation will be announced.

Attendance will be obligatory, per MiniCult.

19 responses to “Porretto: Tension And Habitat – Part I

  1. The ENVIRO THUGS ARE AT IT AGAIN…..Iam thinking…. LAND GRAB…. Now thats just me…..


  2. Semper Fi, 0321

    Something is going to happen. We are fooling ourselves if we really want to believe that we all get along. I live with a well educated black woman and hear both sides of it, but, we all still hate “them” because they’re different. And there is an old inbred hatred that just won’t go away, no matter how much we want to believe otherwise.
    Our two races can’t fit in together and mesh as one, never will. So what happens next? Millions of pissed off people do not make for happy time.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Semper Fi, 0321,

      The funny part about that whole ‘we all still hate “them” because they’re different’ thing is that at the same time many of those who spout such BS are squawking about how black guys/gals aren’t “staying w/ their own kind” & are instead going after ‘white’ gals/guys romantically. Another funny thing is that even though many if not most non-black Latinos are well known to have a general view of blacks that’s equivalent to Klanners/neo-Nazis, the ‘black community’ gives their ‘brown brothers/sistas’ immunity from accusations of bigotry/racism & w/ full knowledge of the depopulation efforts committed by Latinos against blacks!

      THAT mindset will indeed contribute to occurrences that’ll make the Simbas/Hutu/Tutsis antics seem like beefs over parking at the mall on sale day, & the worst parts are that those (on ALL sides) who REALLY deserve to be extincted for their perfidy will likely escape & those who’re actually good folks’ll pay the price instead. As Talking Heads exclaimed in Once In A Lifetime: “Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was,……”

      Goddamn shame, really, & mostly for nothing.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    Yeah, he just painted a big ol’ bullseye on his back. That essay might just make him famous.

  4. My wife works with many black people in the OR environment. I asked her what the thinking was about the Martin/Zimmerman event and she said as far as she knows, all of the negroes she works with were certain that Zimmerman gunned down Martin.

    That there’s no evidence to support that is entirely irrelevant.

    That was last week, I’ll ask for an update tomorrow, but I don’t expect changes.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It’s “common knowledge” that the CIA invented crack and AIDS, too. The delusional thinking can be pretty strong.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        And don’t forget all of those inventions ‘white’ folks stole from blacks, like:

        Deep water shipbuilding
        etc., etc., etc.

        Generally, ANYTHING that’s worthwhile & beneficial to humanity was invented by blacks & either stolen or perverted by ‘whites’, unless one is Asian, or ‘Indian’, or Indio-Latino, or any other group that claims to have invented everything that’s good, then blacks are full of sh*t.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

  5. I did not see anything wrong with it at all………….Good and factual read.

  6. ghostsniper

    That article seemed truthful and logical which is poison in today’s society of falsehoods and idiocy.

    It is a child’s world now and anything adult in nature, anything that requires a second level of thinking or adherence to principle will be ridiculed, shunned and ostracized.

    But principles will have their way as they always do, eventually.

  7. I think from an anthropological standpoint, he hits it on the head. Of course, he will be villified and condemned for saying the truth. Hell, in this country, lives have been lost, billions in property damage has been done, careers trashed, and lives ruined for just hinting at it.

  8. But that’s WAAAACIST! LOL

  9. Gary Smith

    Ole Semper Fi has it dead on and the constant threats by the chain dogs of the black nation to start a war of rage and vindication for their purported ill treatment has had it’s effect.
    When people feel threatened however much they tend to band with the like minded. This has recreated a sense of White Tribalism not seen since the
    French/Indian wars before our independence .
    For if the wise and honorable community leaders of the black inner city neighborhoods allow agent provocateurs of any description to goad their
    audience to commit acts of war ( and all that entails ) upon the white race would be an act of suicidal magnitude.
    Say what you want, call me anything you want, I don’t care, this nation is on the edge of opening Pandoras box. Once opened it will never be closed and as it once was. If a part of the world can go crazy and slaughter it’s neighbors of decades for religious and ethnic strife , anyone who thinks it can’t happen here is delusional.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Pandoras Box is right. These racist war mongers are about to start a bloodletting that even they cannot imagine. I think this go around, the blacks will get their ass handed to them, and it will be a slaughter.
      They won’t win this one, even with stupid liberal whites trying to intervene. This has been festering for generations, and someday has to come to a head, but the big question is, why does Wash, D.C. keep stirring the pot? What are they up to behind this mini war?
      Always another diversion for something else.

    • Mark Matis

      They understand that, if such a war starts, the Praetorian Guard will side with dem Obamas runnin’ wild. Or do you have any doubts their Masters will tell them to do so, and that they would grovel and obey as they ALWAYS have in the past?

      • Mark, the first white cop who’s wife and family are raped and butchered will have his loyalties and attitudes changed forever. And his “brothers in blue” will notice.

        Such incidences will not be solitary.

        • Mark Matis

          In case you haven’t noticed, EVERY TIME a member of the Blue Wall or their family is attacked by Preferred Species, the arrests are rapid, and the perps dealt with thoroughly. However, Preferred Species are generally smart enough to NOT attack the Praetorian Guard. And “Law Enforcement” spends little effort dealing with their attacks on Mere Citizens. Example – the recent beating of Matthew Owens in Mobile, Alabama. Even though participants are known to have proudly stated “That’s justice for Trayvon” as they left the scene, Mobile Police are describing it as “an ongoing dispute with neighbors”. Do you REALLY expect the white cop to do ANYTHING else when Mere Citizens are attacked by Obamas runnin’ wild?

        • Mark Matis

          And dontcha wonder just how many of these:
          are “Law Enforcement” or their family members? Here’s a hint: the correct answer is less than 1…

        • Cassandra (of Troy)


          The reaction of non-‘white’ LE to such acts committed on THEIR loved ones by ‘people of color’ will be even more interesting to see. And then there’s the reaction of LE when they appeal for help from those they’ve been characterizing as ‘suspicious’ if not actually ‘dangerous’ (i.e., gun owners in general) & are told to GFY.

          Ol’ Pandora’s Box keeps on gettin’ bigger & bigger, don’t it?

          Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Gary Smith,

      The main problem I have w/ that re-created sense of White Tribalism is that many of those of that particular pigmentation who’ll make up said tribe need expiring as well.

      Pandora’s Box indeed.

      Cassandra (of Troy)