Signs Of The Times

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Civil Unrest: Liberals Most At Risk

Richmond Police Launch Midnight ‘Wake-Up Calls’

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  1. GardenSERF

    Erik Rush is right on target with his comment that students are easily manipulated. Have Americans seen what’s going on in Canada lately?

    Keep an eye on May 1 across North America.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      It’s a pity that our Northern neighbors are so very different from their more ‘ethically flexible’ forebears, else we could do a 2012 civilian version of what was done back in 1939-45 between govts. I’m reasonably certain that more than a few of the Anglo part of the Dominion have seen the writing on the wall, done the math, & made the appropriate mental/logistical adjustments, but when one’s govt forbids legal acccess to items that may well prove necessary for one to have in order to keep body, soul, & possessions intact, it sure is handy to have others who’re more understanding of the situation & willing to assist, oui?

      Cassandra (of Troy)


    It’s probably a ploy by Richmand PD to keep the midnight shift busy. That way, they’re not “holed up” somewhere sleeping.

  3. Things are relatively quiet in the suburbs, but in the larger cities, with concentrations of “minorities”, the cops are gradually losing control of the situation, and they know it, and that’s the reason in this case, that the Richmond cops are doing this and don’t care. The more things get out of control, the more police depts. are going to resort to these kinds of things, Constitution be damned. The cops in LA and places like it are just going through the motions, because it’s already turned jungle out there.When Zimmermans’ case comes up, or something similiar happens, look for a lot of cops to simply walk away and let it burn. They’re already seriously underfunded in many cities, and they don’t care much to squander what they do have on lost causes. I think National Guardsmen are going to see a bit more action this summer.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Imagine the shock of those who’ve for DECADES been preaching the “You don’t need guns, the police will protect you” when that happens & they begin to cast about for SOMETHING/SOMEONE to save them from the consequences of their willful stupidity. Such people had better hope that members of The Most Holy Order of the Knights of Morality, Decency, & Constitutional Restoration are close by to ride in & save their day, otherwise……

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  4. A. Nony Mous

    Seems to me that someone ought to knock on Bryan T. Norwood’s front door somewhere between Midnight and 4 A.M. each day – to thank him for being such an attentive chief of police. Maybe then the statist dunce will get the message. An alternative (and not mutually exclusive) response would be to have every single person answer the 0’Dark:30 knock on the door with a loaded rifle or shottie. At the very least, it’d stimulate underwear sales in Richmond.

    • Mark Matis

      Anyone who is brave enough to do that had better have the safety off and be ready to use it immediately. You KNOW what your fine friends in “Law Enforcement” will do in such a situation…

  5. Battlefield USA

    I never answer my door that late unless I am armed. Reminds me of the time my wife had to leave for work around 4 A.M. I heard the front door open and close. I hear her car go beep turning off the alarm. Then I heard… nothing. As time suspended, I jumped out of bed, grabbed my sidearm, and ran out the door in my boxers. There must have been a dozen cops out in the street and two were in our driveway talking to my wife. Time and space was now in a vortex as they were looking at me and I was looking at them. One officer put his hand on his sidearm. SHIT! I put my free hand up palm outward, asked my wife if she was okay as I backed myself back through the door and told her I’d be back when I got some pants on. Anyhow, when I went back out no one said a word. Turns out someone tried to get through the bedroom window of the gal across the street. I later told my wife that she should have immediately came back inside and appraise me of what was going on. She got the point as we have in the past went through various scenario’s when she has to leave for work early in the morning… just not what to do if the cops show up like they did.

    I know. Not very tactical. (-;

    Anyhow, I can only imagine my response would be, “Are you frikkin serious?!” Then slamming the door in his face.

    How do-gooder of them. Them someone makes a do-gooder mistake. The tyranny of good intentions.

  6. Walking up to my door at 4AM huh…. castle laws are nice to have. This is going to get someone killed.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Responses like your hypothetical are a good way to ID whose likely to be ‘troublesome’ to authorities in future & thus deserving of ‘special attn’ when the time comes.


      That may be the actual point of so nakedly stupid a program & when one adds in the above possibility, things get interesting.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  7. Cassandra (of Troy)


    Thanx for taking a look.

    Cassandra (of Troy)