The False Idol Of American Democracy

Russ at DumpDC posts this essay.

Regional reorganization is the best way the FUSA will end.

Start to think about what that reality means to you.

Tempus fugit.

17 responses to “The False Idol Of American Democracy

  1. Well anything to be out from under the left coast and New England.
    He has a point though imperfect.

  2. The split in WA and OR would be at the Cascades. The eastern half of both states have next to nothing in common with the western halves.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Indeed, TOR, & it’s interesting that many of the same people who rant & rave about the way those in Leftist enclaves of the eastern seaboard above the Mason-Dixon Line, around the Great Lakes, & in the major popltn centers of the west coast act toward the South in particular/the rest of the country generally respond in the same manner. You doubtless have noted that all Californians are deemed to be hyper-hedonistic, anti-Christian, hard Left bizarros irrespective of proof to the contrary like voting pattern maps. I’m thoroughly tired of people from ID/MT/UT/WY/CO/TX repeatedly telling potential refugees from the People’s Democratic Republic of California/P.D.R.C. who express an interest in re-locating to those states to either stay out entirely (“WE don’t want/need YOUR kind HERE!”) or get ready to pass a socio-political litmus test in order to be considered ‘worthy’ enough to be allowed in. While I agree to an extent w/ such sentiments & am occasionally guilty of the same behavior, the reflexive bigotry toward Californians I’ve seen/read/personally experienced from others (even from NY/NJ/the South!) who claim to be ‘libertarian’ is infuriating in its irony. Makes ya wonder what kind of country these ‘good, decent’ people would create if their secessionist plans came true.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  3. ghostsniper

    I have 5 acres here in the woods, roughly 400’x400′ and that is MY country and I am the king.

    Everybody else gets to stay off of it and nobody gets to rule anybody in my country but me.

    I make my own rules/laws and enforce them and all monies owned by me are mine alone.

    Want to enforce rules/laws, want to control money and other things?

    Go get your own goddamn country and knock yourself out and let me alone, I’ll do likewise.

  4. The regional reorganization has already occurred, and not in a good way:

    Commenting on the creation of the 10 “super” regions initiated by President Nixon, director David Bay very astutely said, “This regional system is also apparently a military structure.” This is a very insightful observation, because I’m sure this was said long before President Obama took office, yet, that is exactly what his CG accomplishes. It grants federal executive power to these 10 governors–with the specific responsibility of providing leadership and direction to the National Guard and related homeland military activities. And is it any coincidence that the number of governors appointed to this new CG is exactly 10? Even more telling is the fact that the 10 governors come from each US region (the governor of Puerto Rico represents Region 2), except for Region 5, and guess what? Region 5 is President Obama’s region!

    all to better administrate the states, of course.

    Do like ghostsniper’s approach.


  5. Well, looks like I’m out: ain’t White, and neither are my children, so we have no place in this guy’s reborn Confederacy.

    Race hustlers to the left of me, White supremacists to the right. The Center cannot hold.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Cheer up, the Nazis were happy to declare valuable people “Honorary Aryans.” Perhaps their successors will do the same.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        The bad thing about being an ‘Honorary Aryan’ is that the honorary part is temporary, & especially so when one’s dealing w/ Leftists generally & w/ some on the Right as well, NRO’s behavior toward Derbyshire being an example.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Mike,

      I posted on Russ’ site asking about that very thing. How does he address the notion that the race hustlers are actually just a small minority, like the far Left itself? I think we are being manipulated into thinking most black folks are anti-white. I’m sure there are a lot who are, but I doubt it is a majority. I’m sure most simply want to live and let live. There are a lot of good Hispanics who paid their dues and want to be “American” as well, not the front wave of Aztlan.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      I know how you feel even though I’m almost ‘white’ enough to glow in the dark! Call me a starry-eyed squish brain who’ll likely be killed for my unrealistic idealism, but I really DO believe in the part of MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech about character being the determining factor rather than coloration. Hell, most of the Left here & in Europe are snowy outside & Red as can be on the inside, while most black Africans as well as a large bunch of Caribbean ones (according to what I’ve seen/heard/read/experienced) are what I’d consider ‘cool’ & wouldn’t have a problem living w/among. Regarding the first sentence of my response, there’s a story behind it that you may find as amusing. While working in a Southern factory back in the 70s during the Roots mini-series period, a crypto-Klanner (Invisible Empire, IIRC) I worked w/ tried to recruit me. Knowing my ‘mongrel’ heritage & that the Klan adhered to the ‘one drop rule’ just like their A.N.P. kindred, the look of utter consternation on said Klanner’s face when I informed him that I’m 1/4 Polynesian (“Yur WHA? Yew shurly don’t LOOK it!”, i.e., black, according to doctrine) & therefore ineligible for membership due to that rule was hilarious. It still gives me a giggle now & then, & that, among other things, would exclude me from inclusion in/admittance to the L.o.t.S.’s neo-Confederacy if what I’ve seen/read/heard about it is accurate.

      And I’m just fine w/ that.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  6. Battlefield USA


    (Looks like it didn’t post so here goes again)

  7. Grenadier1

    If you are reading this page and agreeing with most things posted here then you are White. Regardless of your actual racial make-up.
    It is a disagreeable fact that we may have to share the road with folks who stubbornly cling to the idea that race = culture. That is swill of course. It is the sucess or failure of culture that defines its followers not their genetic make up. Genetics may have a bearing but its not genetics that inspires you to gold your teeth and wear your pants hanging down to your knees.

  8. That’s an essay by my friend, Dr. Michael Hill, president of the League of the South.

    He is not, under any circumstances, a white supremacist.

    He is, as am I, a Western Culture supremacist. Who wouldn’t be considering its obvious superiority over all that came before it.

    Anglo/celtic culture is the dominant culture in the southern states, it too, is culturally superior as a part of western civilization.

    Let’s not mince words, the whole of our argument against the progressive/fascists is an argument for western civilization as opposed to no civilization at all.

  9. Taking more.. LIBERTY… FREEDOMS….RIGHTS…..Hard to get ya if they are driving a..CHEVY VOLT…….

  10. Don’t forget; Lead is also verboten with the Greenstapo.

    I’ll try to be compliant and turn mine in, 150 grains at a time.

  11. Cassandra (of Troy)

    The medium green portion of the map comprises what would be the core of what I call the Western States Alliance/W.S.A., & when the eastern parts of WA/OR/CA (whose populations largely differ from the remainder of those in their respective states) are added the map of the W.S.A. as I envision it is complete. I don’t know why so many secessionists (usually of the Southern pale persuasion) have a fascination for the NW states as the ‘white homeland’, but having lived in the South long enough to be regarded as a “good ol’ boy” (even though I was a longhair who came from “hippiefied/Commaniss Calif”) it kinda makes sense. Until you’ve actually lived up there, then you discover why everything’s SO green & why your vehicles/other iron-based items rust SO quickly, then again, one doesn’t have the skeeter/tick problems & oppressive tropical humidity the South has but the trade off is the amount & frequency of rain.

    All in all, I’d rather be in the W.S.A. than in a re-branded neo-Confederacy/its NW equivalent as the kind of people that’re likely to inhabit the former would likely be more easier for me/mine to live among given their generally Western (live & let live, meritocratic, individualistic, largely non-/anti-racist) viewpoint. In my experience, Southerners claim to be that way but generally aren’t, & no, I don’t hate them/the South as half my ancestry & most of my relatives are from NC/AR/OK.

    Cassandra (of Troy)