The Mind, It Boggles

“Federal law enforcement” agents conducting “emergency response activities” in the name of “environmental justice” for the purpose of “securing the homeland.”

The Green Police.




Read the DHS “Environmental Justice Strategy” paper.

Sweepers, man your brooms.

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33 responses to “The Mind, It Boggles

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  2. Jimmy the Saint

    The Green Police? I suspect Cheap Trick might just sue….

    • The “paper or plastic” bit… Am I the only one who is old enough to remember when plastic bags first came out and they were supposed to be the *GOOD* alternative?

      That wasn’t a major selling point that I recall. However, if you’re old enough to remember when plastic bags started replacing the paper grocery sack, you’re still young enough to learn about environmental problems of new products. Plastic bags present a host of other pollution problems.

      That you and I are old enough to remember when plastic sacks were new does not remediate, ameliorate or abate the trouble they cause.

    • Cheap Trick was in on the making of the Audi ad. You did realize it was a Super Bowl ad for Audi, right? It was a parody, a plug for Audi’s clean Diesel cars . . .

      You realized that, right?

  3. The article is terrifying enough, but you do realize the pics were from an Audi “super-bowl” ad – right?

    What blows MY mind is that *ANYONE* could present that video, even tongue-in-cheek – without having their skin crawl so horribly it turned them inside-out!

    The “paper or plastic” bit… Am I the only one who is old enough to remember when plastic bags first came out and they were supposed to be the *GOOD* alternative?

    At the time, it was considered HORRIBLE how many trees had to die to make paper bags, and the petroleum-based plastic was considered a MUCH more “green” resource than killing trees for bags!

    I remember this so vividly because it became damn near impossible to find paper bags any more, which meant that all the things we used to recycle them for (draining bacon, school book-covers, padding items for shipping…) became much more difficult!

    It’s like the “new ice age” …er… “Glowball-wormening!” … er… “Global COOLi…” er… “CLIMATE CHANGE!” idiocy!!

    Sadly, I have *NO DOUBT* that barring Rev 2.0, that “Green Police” vid will prove to be just as prophetic as “Idiocracy”…

    God help us…

    • I also remember plastic replacing paper,but our usage of paper involved samiches,dogshit,and doorbells.


    • I too shuddered w/ that Audi ad.


    • Short Little Rebel

      Dedicated Dad, the whole POINT is to make it so unbelievable that no one believes you when you tell them. This was a strategy that Hitler bragged about it. Since the News had been purchased lock, stock & barrel by the same people, they can truly fool the American people. We MUST prevent the final take over attempt over the Internet. It is the ONLY free media left.

  4. Mark Roote

    I think we need to start reducing the countries carbon footprint, one producer at a time.

    • Er… I think you meant “… one *LOOTER* at a time”, no?

      We need MORE producers – we have WAY TOO MANY LOOTERS!!

      • Mark Roote

        OK, yeah, I guess I didn’t think that wording through completely. I did only mean one carbon dioxide producer at a time, not one actual useful things producer. I’m leaning towards the people that consistently claim that we need to reduce our carbon footprint… every time one of them speaks they produce carbon dioxide, so we should begin eliminating those sources.

  5. Every day the same reframe plays in my head;
    “What fresh hell is this?”
    The theater of the absurd is in full swing.

  6. I told you, these people always overreach. Bet on it. They will get totally out of control, and we will be lucky to live through it.

  7. Wow. Speechless. We truly are in an Orwellian/Rand Nightmare.

  8. Very early in the DHS paper the motive of their goal is evident. Not to parse too much but forget the word ‘environmental’ – they are going to AFFECT justice (implied negative impact) rather than effect justice – cause it to happen at all. Trouncing justice generally or specifically; do I believe these thugs? Sure; what’s new?

  9. Short Little Rebel

    Reblogged this on Short Little Rebel and commented:
    We are under assault. Plain & Simple. If you care, read these bills and papers from our government. They will singe your eyelashes.

  10. Short Little Rebel

    We are indeed in an Orwellian nightmare. Add the fact that our news is 100% controlled by the same people shoving these laws, the Internet takeover being championed by Joe Lieberman (and even the House bill- less bad, but bad), that Americans can now be arrested by the U.S. Military, that we can be labeled ‘enemy combatant’ without legal recourse, that we can be detained and prevented from traveling (escaping) by the IRS without legal recourse, that we can be stopped within U.S. borders by U.S. agents and searched without legal recourse, that we are being disarmed through coersion tactics like being reported to Eric Holder if we buy more than one LEGAL assault weapon in four Southern States- ALL WITHOUT much of a peep from the media and hence, the American people- and well. You get the picture.

    It’s bad.

  11. Prairie Fire

    Even with irons, a roadblock at 600m is not a bad area target. Black tips make the older .30 cal weapons more versitile.

    Occupiers of roadblocks won’t find it hard to move on, just keep on moving on and get that twenty in if that can be done. Or not. Crunch, crunch, how much pension / month is worth the roadblock duty? Yep, I thought so, roadblock folks will skideattle if heat is applied on site.

    Let’s not scare ourselves.

    During May of 1864, Grant was presented with a staffette who tried to put the skeer on him, a guy who told him what General Lee was going to do. Grant did not buy into what Lee might do. Interested people can find the terms and qotes.

    Main thing here, is to remember that those other people are somewhat scared of us. They outght to be a lot more scared than what they are, their lack of fear is due to our displayed lack of unity. It is incumbent on us, to put the skeer on them. That’s a happy thought and a good goal

    Knowing them like I do, I do know that it does not take much heart to put a skeer on a carreerist who has no goal in life other than advancement and a pension.

    A set of folks who put up roadblocks, are admitting that they have relinquished control of the higher argument. The roadblock just shows that they have lost… every mother’s son who mans it does know that their side is the loser. All that remains, is bluster out of Janet’s mouth regarding how fine the cooperation is… and on the part of the kids who man the roadblocks, what will remain is their last letter home to Mama prior to that letter getting forwarded to her.

    The Other People are not in charge of the roadways, and it won’t take much for optimistic and trained people to dissuade them of that notion.

  12. Neither Predator nor Prey

  13. A fellow can still get AP, API, and HE in .308.

    We were talking about engaging hard targets from a distance, right?


    Oh… My mistake.

  14. Thanks for the Linky-love!

  15. Marx and Engels discussed using environmentalism to destroy the capitalist west. And its NOT just coincidental that the first “Earth day” event took place on April 22nd, 1970. The 100th Anniversary of Vladamir Lenin’s birth. During Lenin’s reign he had the citizenry plant trees on his birthday – as to glorify nature to later use as justification for the demon-ization of certain groups or people. I guess things never change.

    • I like to look for original sources. Do you have a citation for where Marx and Engels discuss environmentalism? I’d sure love to have that reference.

      • The author of this book:
        Brian Sussman eluded to the statement in question in a radio interview. I was just paraphrasing what he said. I made the mistake of regurgitating unsubstantiated hyperbole in my comment. Engels did discuss finite natural resources and capitalism, but I could not find anything concerning using “environmentalism” to bring down the west. I haven’t read Sussman’s book. Sorry for not fact checking. Thanks for the inquiry.

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  17. I haven’t time for this thread, but wanted to let you know that in response to the above pingback, where I too was cited, I responded here…