Porretto: Tension And Habitat – Parts II and III

Part II

Part III

Good reading for a Sunday morning over coffee.

Here’s Part I again for those who missed it.

12 responses to “Porretto: Tension And Habitat – Parts II and III

  1. Re: Francis’ summation to Part II…

    So much for your oft repeated, “Got tribe?”

  2. As referenced above:

    “I contend that the greatest of all hazards to America’s future inheres in the burgeoning tribalism / particularism we observe around us today. To the extent it prevails among us, we are no longer “One nation under God.” Rather, we are an assemblage of mutually hostile tribes jockeying for advantage over one another, the ultimate effect of which can only be either the forcible suppression of some tribes by others or the political dissolution of the United States. If we wish not to be impaled on either of those tines of the political pitchfork, we must quench the forces that have given rise to the tribes among us. How that is to be done, I cannot say.”

  3. ghostsniper

    My tribe consists of 1 person, me.
    Also my wife, at this writing, though that may not be permanent, by her choice or mine.

    I’ve spent 4 decades creating temporary alliances for mutual benefit and I’m an expert at it and will continue to do so.

    In this fractured, not split, society I see no other logical way to live.

    None are honest, all are deceptive and everybody uses language as they see fit.

    In short, principles have left the building but I am still here.

  4. GardenSERF

    We’ve been here before.

    From “The Rights of Man” by Thomas Paine back in 1791:

    When extraordinary power and extraordinary pay are allotted to any individual in a government, he becomes the center, round which every kind of corruption generates and forms. Give to any man a million a year, and add thereto the power of creating and disposing of places, at the expense of a country, and the liberties of that country are no longer secure. What is called the splendour of a throne is no other than the corruption of the state. It is made up of a band of parasites, living in luxurious indolence, out of the public taxes.

    When once such a vicious system is established it becomes the guard and protection of all inferior abuses. The man who is in the receipt of a million a year is the last person to promote a spirit of reform, lest, in the event, it should reach to himself. It is always his interest to defend inferior abuses, as so many outworks to protect the citadel; and on this species of political fortification, all the parts have such a common dependence that it is never to be expected they will attack each other.

    • We would have been better off listening more to Paine than Madison/ Hamilton. Ah well hindsight is what it is.

  5. I was elated to see that Porretto included Edward Bellamy as one of the influential progressives of the 1880-1900 period. It was Edward Bellamy that wrote “Looking Backward” (a socialist fantasy novel that Hitler loved) and formed over 190 “nationalist clubs”. This brings me to another socialist, Francis Bellamy the cousin of Edward, and the author of our Pledge of Allegiance. From design, it glorified central authority (not states rights,individual rights or state autonomy) all the while requiring ones self to pledge to an inanimate “Nationalist” object, the flag. Why wasn’t the pledge made to a set of principles – like the Constitution? —- Now don’t get all upset and stone the messenger — just think about it.

    We are – where we are – by design.


    PS- “Under God” wasn’t added until 1952. Bellamy penned the Pledge in 1892.

    • Idolatry is an odd matter, one only sees it clearly when some other person commits it. You have it correct Mike.

  6. Reid is indeed the poster child for corrupt politics. His disdain, perhaps even hatred, for the average American is boundless. I only hope that a patriot somewhere in Nevada will someday help him reach the “godhood” that his religion promises him when a Mormon moves onto the next level of existence.

    I doubt that he is a practicing Mormon, but when the Left speaks of Romney’s religion in disparaging terms, I wonder why Romney’s people don’t remind everyone that Reid is a Mormon, too? Not that there really is much difference between the two: Reid will anally rape a citizen with a smile, dismissing him from his consciousness when he is done, but Romney will provide a kiss on the cheek and a rose when he is finished, telling himself he was such a gentleman.

  7. I agree that Reid is lower than whale crap in the ocean. But isn’t it time we start holding our fellow citizens accountable for the Harry Reids ? For is it not the electorate who ensures the ruling elite maintain their power ?


    • Mark Matis

      How does the electorate “ensure(s) the ruling elite maintain their power” when the candidates are chosen by the ruling elite, and the votes are counted by the ruling elite? And by ruling elite, I mean the sewage in BOTH parties…

      • ghostsniper

        Simply, the voter is the patriot’s enemy.

      • The citizen supports the incumbent in almost 100% of elections. Have you ever run for office and challenge an incumbent ? Try it sometime. It is far from an equal playing field.

        This is not the venue to argue your question. The fact is thatw incumbents raise lots of money to buy votes. If that was not necessary to be relected then why the war chest?

        DAN III