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Two from TL Davis:

Observe, With Prejudice

A Reckoning

Sam asks a related question.

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  1. The Apple Islander

    Wanted survivalist dies in bunker.
    This is almost straight out of Enemies Foreign and domestic.
    The bug-out window may be closing.
    Spread the word on this. We need to dig to the bottom of this story and get the truth.

  2. What if this guy was on good terms with his wife and family, and did not kill them? The local news media and comments all assume that he was an evil ba$terd and deserved killin’ by our hero SWAT teams after being gassed in his bunker.

    What if someone with bad intentions found his semi-concealed bunker that was mere steps from a well-worn hiking trail, and waited for him? He was killed, then the person found his wallet with pictures of wife and pretty daughter along with address and keys. The bad person then went there and perpetrated what happened, then set fire (ineffectively) to the place to cover up, and walked away. The bad person is free now, and not even being considered as a possibility since the heroes have “solved the crime”.

    I hope that there is a bunch of unrevealed details making the above scenario impossible.

    Local news reports in Seattle area describe having “12 guns, including handguns” as “crazy”. When I look at the inevitable gun display, I see some detachable magazines for an SKS, and a couple AR-15 aluminum 30-round magazines. Nothing high-speed/low-drag, just regular old guns, TOTALLY LEGAL in Washington State. No “silencers” are visible (although a muzzle brake could easily be called a “silencer” by the local hoplophobe media), and to get to a dozen, one would have to count spare/replacement stocks as “guns” from the picture. The quantity of ammo shown in all the pictures is what I and a few friends might shoot over a weekend at a range. Body armor of the type present (NIJ level IIIa, concealable, probably police surplus) is completely lawful and a good idea for non-felons in Washington State who might walk in the woods. There is not anywhere near the quantity of ammo was present to consider that a person was anywhere near stocked for a private war or a long-term survival scenario. There were no Ruger 10/22 parts present, so I would have to assume that this person was not a “gun enthusiast” in any serious or long-term way.

    I did not see serious amounts of preserved food in the “bunker”, 2 weeks at most. Where is the water storage and processing equipment? A generator was alleged to be present, but only 2 gas cans (a couple days running, at best) were shown. A serious “survival bunker” would have a battery bank weighing at least 200# (4x 65# 6v golf cart battery) so that power would be available when the generator was off. Fuel storage would be hundreds of gallons (and not gasoline). Fire extinguishers? The details of non-seriousness go on and on. I have more and better than this kind of stuff in my urban garden shed. The only “crime” that is obvious to me, was excavating on public land and unpermitted (underground) camping.

    Looking forward to more details of this situation, if the LE doesn’t just close the case and call it “solved”.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      Occam’s razor makes that scenario pretty much impossible. The other thing to consider is that the bad actors out there aren’t exactly masters of subtlty. Waco, Ruby Ridge, Jose Guerena, etc. – they are always sloppy.

  3. Lessons learned: get waaaaayy off the trail when digging a hole for you or your stuff. Do not be observed infiltrating or exfiltrating. Do not allow your vehicle to be a beacon to locate you. Foot/human-powered mobility is still the most important thing in the post-gunpowder era. PT and comm with your tribe are more worthy investments of time than a hand-built fortress. Caching here there and everywhere, esp. on your private land or nearby is a small investment to prevent being completely powerless after dispossession. Multiple redundancy of man-portable basics to support uncomfortable living is more important than maintaining luxuries like a heated electric/automated 300 square feet dwelling unit. A 5gal/20L bucket can have all a lost man needs inside it to have many options.


  4. The time for warnings of the devil’s arrival has passed.
    It is here now.
    May God help us because there will damned little aid from men.

  5. Another scenario is, he finds out wife cheated, kid wasn’t his or just standard divorce situation and he loses it.

  6. Grenadier1

    Allow me to jump off the deep end…
    He did none of this. He and his family were taken by “agents” family is killed execution style in his home. He is driven out in his truck to his bunker. He is taken inside and suicided with his own gun and left on the floor.

    The “agents” now get to headline “rightwing-survivalist kills family and self”

    Now of course we know this is all fantasy right?
    No “agents” would do something like that …….right?

  7. “agents” is more likely than a Pacific NW hiking trail BG. The Martin/Zimmerman case election timing needs some bad-white-man-with-assault-rifles-AND-handgun (but not enough magazines or ammo) simultaneous news for boredom reduction and to keep the fear of bwm rolling along.

    In my personal experience as a macbwg, middle aged chubby balding white guys are very low risk for no-reason-killing family/self when obviously trying his lame best to build a way for the team to ride out TEOTWAWKI.


  8. Fletcher: Very uncool to post the man’s details.


    • Bill Fletcher

      You see I argue against what you 2 want the rest of us to do and so you attack me.U do not go after my agruement,just me.Thats cool to admit defeet so readly,and since it is so obvious u 2 fashion urselves leaders of the rebeleion you probably have a shot at it i am sad to say.
      My ray of hope has turned back into shit but do not lose heart dear reader,as long as my heart beats,I will go for my freedom.
      Hope nye leaves this one up.
      Liberty Valance

      • Fletcher, I’m not sure what your problem is, but the comments you’ve been dropping at my place ane elsewhere are incoherent and silly. I don’t even bother posting the weird ones any longer.

        I get that you are frustrated, but the guys and gals running these blogs are your allies, not enemies. I’ve seen your post articulately, and I’ve seen you post when it looks like you are wearing beer goggles.

        I hope you get ahold of your demons.


  9. theelectorretards

    OK Fletcher Game ON!!!

    Bill Nye

    • theelectorretards

      Fletcher I warned you I would be polite for a very short time, all of the rules have been taken off of the table at this point.

      Bill Nye