Why…Why….That’s Nothing But Tin-Foil Conspiracy Theory Talk

Bill Nye links to an interesting story, as does Anthony Martin.

But…but….our selfless public servants wouldn’t try to cheat on Presidential elections, would it?

Wouldn’t that be wrong?

And besides….isn’t better for freedom and individual rights to have a successful lifelong statist in the White House, as opposed to its current Illinois wardheeler resident?

Uhh…I mean….Romney has to be better than Obama, right?

Because of his experience as Governor of Massachusetts, right, where he signed both an assault-weapons ban and an individual-mandate obligatory health insurance law?


I mean – anyone is better than Obama, right?



Nothing more.

I don’t care what your Mommy or any other authority-figure stooge tells you.

It’s not going to be alright.

Suck that fact up and get working on holding responsible the people who did this to you and your family.

By any means necessary.

8 responses to “Why…Why….That’s Nothing But Tin-Foil Conspiracy Theory Talk

  1. You know, comrades,” says Stalin, “that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.

    • Toaster….that quote from Uncle Joe tells us all. Voting ? Its not what we were led to believe.

      DAN III

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    Uncle Joe was wrong. I’ll let anyone who wishes count the votes, if I can select the candidates.

  3. As of the end of last week, Obomney had spent over $77 million on the election so far, more than all the other Republican candidates combined.

    He’s the Rothchild/Rockefeller candidate and still hasn’t be able to overcome Ron Paul.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Only in the same sense that Mike Tyson in his prime wasn’t able to overcome the Spartanburg, SC YMCA champion of 1986. They never really fought each other.

  4. The people who “did this to you” are one’s friends, neighbors and family. They’ve allowed the ruling elite to maintain oppression over the populace.


  5. I’ve gotten some good chuckles while watching the Gingrich supporters grumble about Romney this past week.

  6. Where do I get my “EMBRACE THE HORROR” jugate Obomney/Bidenrich2012 T-shirt or sew-on patch?