Come To DC The Weekend Before The Election

Sam explains.

See you there.

One response to “Come To DC The Weekend Before The Election

  1. Folks, this is my AO. If I fail to work here while encouraging others to work in their AO’s I am nothing more han a hypocrite.

    I intend to get in their faces, offend them, make the news for the free advertising that will reach past the gatekeepers at OathKeepers, Tea Party, and NRA, and find our Natural Allies.

    I intend to go alone.

    If you care to join me and look them in theyr traitorous eyes and call them traitors, liars, murderers, thieves and scum, I welcome you. I intend to show up in their offices wearing empty holsters, look in their eyes and present a formal train of abuses and an ultimatum.

    I welcome you at my shoulder. I respect you if you choose to stay away.

    In my mind, it is time to start engaging them personally, rather than simply complaining about all the things they do to us.

    A conversation with Mark Roote gave me the idea for the powerful statement of showing up with empty holsters…this time.

    TL articulated the concept that these people have violated the Constitution, and therefore have surrendered the protections offered by the Constitution,.

    I am not the kind of guy to complain about someone behind their back.

    I have something to say, I am going to the person with whom I have a problem, look in his eyes, and let him know I have a f’n problem with his treason.

    You may not be ready for such a direct challenge. That’s your call.

    I am. I will.

    It is what it is…