Denninger: Murdoch’s Rag Says “Suck It, America”

KD dissects this WSJ piece.

Battlespace prep, kiddies.

Plain and simple.

You ready?

13 responses to “Denninger: Murdoch’s Rag Says “Suck It, America”

  1. Well, that settles the AR / AK debate, I guess.

    Lady Liberty says “AR”.


    I do not like WSJ, and I do not like Murdoch.



    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, but Lady Liberty’s a French immigrant. Perhaps not the best nationality to be taking warfighting advice from. Surrender advice? Collaboration advice? Cheese advice? Sure….

  2. A lot of brave Frenchmen died defending the country against the Boche from ’14 – ’18.

    Don’t forget them when considering the French and their subsequent decline.

    One of the most harrowing thoughts I have read along the path was that the Southeast Asian War Games benefitted the statists by killing off and crippling thousands of no-shit old-school American young men amongst the K/W/M rolls from ’61 – ’75.

    • Prairie Fire

      I’d like to know more about that idea where the statists have benefitted from Vietnam war casualties.

      An argument against it: Consider the tens or hundreds of thousands in contrast, who returned alive with their heads screwed on in a different way… a way that has not been helpful to statists.

      A part of the cream got killed or crippled. A larger part of the cream came back, and I don’t think that the worldview that they acquired has helped out the bad folks too much. There are exceptions, one ran for prez in ’08.

      At any rate: No WSJ subscription in my future. I’ll continue to boycott them along with the airlines and… and… and…

      • It is my experience that the best and brightest get it in the neck 1st.
        This constant state of war we are in works against us.

    • And I think we might question whether or not our own war for independence would have succeeded without the help of the French.
      Are we as a nation currently much better than the French, or have we also been “surrender-monkeys” where our rights and freedom are concerned?
      Just asking.

    • Damn you, CA. Now you’ve given me more to think about.

      I don’t have to take this, you know. 😉


    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Don’t forget the 2 Poles & 1 ostensible German who came over & helped us slap the snot out of the English & their German hirelings in addition to the monetary & military supplies the French provided, & that the expense of aiding us is what may have set the stage for the French monarchy’s downfall later on. Also recall the efforts of the Cajuns & Jean Lafitte on our behalf in our 2d go-round w/ England.

      It’s a pity that they’ve degenerated into the yapping poofs they’ve now become, it’s an even greater shame that we’re apparently well on the way toward surpassing them.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  3. Prairie Fire

    My first read of this WSJ piece missed a couple of internal mergers of aclu/teapartiers as a one-word descriptor, even though the headline shluld have been a warning.

    Is that rule #13 of Alinsky’s? Isolate and marginalize, etc? The new meme for WSJ might to be to merge two radically different orgs, then apply rule #13.

    Battlefield prep, indeed, regardless of what used to pass for journalistic truth. Thanks, CA.

  4. There is no understanding the sheer stupidity of some people that allow themselves to be talked into doing something completely moronic by agent provocateurs of the FBI.
    That is assuming of course it is not not all utter fabrication….

  5. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Funny how the WSJ, NRO, & Fox seem to be in a competition for who can best ignore the approaching storm, ridicule those who warn of its approach, & demonize those who urge preparation against it.

    Sounds disturbingly familiar, doesn’t it?

    Cassandra (of Troy)