Good Diagnosis – But No Prescription

VDH calls things correctly, as usual.

Also as usual, he fails to discuss what to do.

A pity such classically-trained vision is so often wasted.

Those who survive what is coming will perhaps do better than the current population.

In the meantime, keep working locally.

It’s all that will matter anyway.

16 responses to “Good Diagnosis – But No Prescription

  1. It is specialization and free enterprise/trade that have provided us with the benefits of a 21st century lifestyle. The lives of cave men living in “resilient” communities was, in the words of the 17th century wag Thomas Hobbes: “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.” Present day “progressives” including the enviros and warmistas are, by utilizing the force of the modern welfare redistributionist/regulatory state doing their best to ensure our return to the glory days of the stone age.

    • Grenadier1

      I would hardly call the cave men communities “resilient”.
      You use that term as if it is a negative thing?
      Elaborate please or are you just doing a drive by?

  2. I’ve got an idea for some “new age” remedies for all those cocksuckers.


  3. Jimmy the Saint

    At the end of the day, Hanson’s a professor and an historian, not a practitioner. He’s the wrong guy to look to for answers.

    • Agree. The guy to look to for answers is going to surprise the hell out of us.


      • Got a mirror?

        • 🙂

          That realization is going to come as a most brutal shock to A LOT of folks.

          • Oh man……not THAT guy.


            • Oh yes. That guy.

              About as scary as the time my entire platoon’s leadership was “killed” in training, and there I was… in charge.

              I sure wished I had been paying attention to the terrain instead of how much my back and feet hurt.

              Ya know?



              • Cassandra (of Troy)


                The part about being the one militarily responsible for others is what scares me more than anything else I can think of, even above torture or an agonizing death. Really, no shit. I can handle the consequences arising from MY actions, been doing that for many a moon & have the scars to prove it, I can even handle the results of directives from seniors, but that in-between status gives me the whim-whams.

                And God have mercy on those whose actions force me into such a position of authority, for I most assuredly & emphatically will not.

                Cassandra (of Troy)

          • Yeah, but, I don’t want to have to bury ALL the bodies if AP is the goto guy, I know has has most of the right answers, he is a wise man.

  4. Diagnosis-
    It sucks. We’re screwed. There’s gonna be a fight.

    Stand and do not bend.


  5. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Contrary to appearences, VDH does know what the deal is, what’ll have to be done to correct the situation, & what the results of that corrective attempt will likely be whether said attempt is successful or not. It’s that last part that, imo, prevents him from being more specific as doing so would allow critics on both sides of the political spectrum to flay him publicly, destroy him professionally, & thereby silence him & remove him & his observations from the scene.

    And his professional acquaintance w/ the societal aftermath of said corrective actions doesn’t make one all that avuncular either.

    Cassandra (of Troy)