SK: The Empire Of Poverty

Sultan Knish writes another excellent big-picture piece.

Remember this central fact:

The powers-that-be want to break you, or, in the alternative, kill you.

And they want you to do it to yourselves, so as to save them the bother.

They and their minions have it coming in return.

By any means necessary.

2 responses to “SK: The Empire Of Poverty

  1. There’s a swing and a HIT, and a long fly ball…………. it’s outta here! SK is a visionary and a blessing. Can’t bear to listen to Prager for a long time now, it takes him a week to complete a sentence, but he did say something really good, and that was that clarity is vitally important. This is what is Knishs’ forte’ and this is what is needed for getting the bones of the message out. A little abstract at times, but on the mark. They don’t have to control us, individually. All they have to do is control what we need, and they have us, collectively, which is their final aim. Children need control, until they mature and leave to make their own lives. Fedgov wants us living in their basement, forever. I see this in everything the Fedgov does.

  2. When the anti-hoarding laws are proposed you will know we are near the endgame.