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On Tactical Patience

Freedom – Unreasonable Freedom

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  1. Tactical patience. Excellent.

    This must be learned.



    One thing to keep in mind when Sergeant Beltbuckle and the state national guard come to town is the Qusilings will come out of the woodwork. As we get closer to Obomney’s reelection, you will be able to ID them by the bumper stickers on their Foresters or Priuses, and their strident, dogmatic, progressive rants in the local paper. Take notes. Know who they are, where they hang out, and who are their associates. As one of his soldiers told Michael Corleone: “I got them mugged and number right up here, boss.”

  3. Prairie Fire

    CA: Those two links were real good, thanks for putting them up.

  4. Anonymous

    COIN is the flip side of insurgent activities. Carrot and stick, winning hearts and minds and building lasting political and combat power. / Think of “good works” as ammunition for propaganda. Every kid that gets a teddy bear, every housewife that gets assistance with her garden, every pile of firewood that gets chopped for an elderly couple, is one less person supporting the occupiers.

    …every unwed mother that gets a credit card to buy junk food with, every senior that gets $250,000 of “free” healthcare in the last year of life, every farmer that gets a check not to grow crops, every factory owner that gets a contract to make bombs…

    Bah. You’re doing electoral politics again, you’re trying to buy your enemy’s votes with pork so you can vote your way out of your mess. Your Confederate government plan is complete when your raiders sweep up preppers (“kulaks”, “speculators”, “capitalists”) and “tax” their preps to fund your vote-buying.

  5. Anon, you are correct that the powers that be bribe the unwed mother, the farmer, the elderly with money taken from producers or borrowed from investors (including China).

    The problem is that we know the math behind those redistribution schemes will fail, and fail spectacularly. When that happens the occupiers will have to conduct COIN ops to pacify the populace the same as in any insurgency. But all insurgencies are local, and putting a good front forward wins hearts and minds. War is politics, and all politics are local.

    Political power comes not from the “Mandate From Heaven” but from the “Mandate of the Majority” in any situation. Either people passively or activily support or attack a government. What you need to keep an insurgency alive is active and passive support. If not, you end up like the KKK or Aryan Nation that is calling for a replacement government but has absolutely no support from the people they are trying to appeal to.

    Or you could just kill the free loaders and see how far that gets you, your choice.

  6. A. Nony Mous

    “Want to be a better shot than 99% of the Armed Forces? Shoot High Power and 3-Gun matches. Inside of a year you’ll be better than 99% of the Armed Forces. Want to get really good at CQB? Take up paintball or airsoft and watch some Youtube videos. Want to be able to sabotage train tracks like WWII Commandos? Study for your commercial explosives license.”

    Excellent advice.

  7. Sicklemaster

    Two days ago I saw an “article” with this “Tactical Patience” entry in it and listed below that link were two other articles by your site that were of particularly vital tactical importance. Now, I can’t find that blog article for the life of me. Any ideas what those articles were? I can’t remember the names. Can anyone help me as to what they were on your site?