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Shenandoah: The Collapse Is The Easy Part

JohnGaltFLA looks over the horizon.

Stay the course.

More food, water purification, and ammo.

And keep building tribe.



ZeroHedge blurbs this report, calling out these highlights (lowlights?) as table stakes:

…We don’t know exactly what is to come, but we can all join the very few dots from where we are now, to the collapse of the first major bank…

With very limited room for government bailouts, we can very easily join the next dots from the first bank closure to the collapse of the whole European banking system, and then to the bankruptcy of the governments themselves.

There are almost no brakes in the system to stop this, and almost no one realises the seriousness of the situation.

The problem is not Government debt per se. The real problem is that the $70 trillion in G10 debt is the collateral for $700 trillion in derivatives…

Yes, that equates to 1200% of Global GDP and it rests on very, very weak foundations…

In related news, Alferd Packer‘s “High Protein Cookbook” is rumored to be headed towards reprint and a Kindle version.

Don’t forget to pack the hot sauce.

Wanted: Shady Elmers

The following assumes, of course, that the FCC and all of its personnel, along with the Communications Acts of 1934 and 1996, as amended, and the entire body of regulatory law and rules promulgated thereunder, are drifting ENE over the Atlantic Ocean in a plume of ickiness caused by the impact of a VW-sized meteorite at 445 12th Street SW at approximately 10:37 edt on June 17, 2014.

One would never do anything like what is described below absent those circumstances, right?

To operate an interconnected network based on RF, that RF signal must be kept relatively free of interference.

If the Bad People (e.g., the apparently-growing Cannibal Alliance) are depending on that RF-based interconnected network, then the generation of interference would seem to be a good thing.

Is it any more complex, in the first instance, then building a high-powered transmitter to broadcast on the freqs used by Team Cannibal?

And if so, wouldn’t be helpful to have a LOT of same?

Shady Elmers invited to speculate in detail below.

Punking DHS

(click to enlarge – if you dare)

Resistor in the Rockies pokes at the mutant, moronic, neo-Stasi mouthbreathers.

Keep laughing at the stooges.

Wolfe: The Temptation Of The Blue Pill

Ms. Wolfe speaks to the Remnant.

Stay strong.

Take leave, if necessary.

But come back.


LF: More Thoughts On Defense

Lizard Farmer adds more concepts for consideration and implementation.

This is not a drill.

Field Medical Resources

SFMedic sends:

Ranger Medic Handbook

Journal of Special Operations Medicine 2012 Training Supplement, 6th Edition

SK: Nocturne In Black And White

Sultan Knish again commits thoughtcrime.

There is special processing waiting for you and your ilk, Comrade.

Reality matters not.

Only the Narrative.

And the Party.

Expedient Stove

Senior correspondent HABCAN sends:

FYI. There WAS abnormal smoking at the first-time start, but I think that was just the painted label burning off the ousides of the big interior Heinz tomato juice can.

Ignition + 5 minutes to smokeless ‘rocket effect’ + 3 more minutes to hard rolling boil of COLD tap water enough for two mugs of coffee. The windscreen helped with the draft although there was hardly any breeze blowing. Pulling out the fuel shelf stopped everything almost immediately, and there was no smoke, a useful point.

Instant cooling by dousing with cold water to eliminate heat signature would only affect the between-cans vermiculite/perlite insulation slightly and it would quickly steam dry next use, but the whole apparatus could be disassembled if necessary as there are no soldered joints!

Note to self: Both the windscreen and the ‘utensil’ pot need handles (coathanger??), and might be useful on the stove body too!!

Think ohmygod and TSHTF. Experiments continue.


Codrea: Mass-Murdering Red Chinese Condemn US Gun Ownership As Human Rights Violation

Read David’s latest Examiner column.

They will come to help.

And to protect their holdings.

Count on it.

LF: Homestead Defense Case Study – Part II


ND: More On Field Medical Training


Analyze your training gaps and fix.

Tempus fugit.

The Woodpile Report: Euro Going In

From the latest Woodpile Report:

Euro collapse

The Euro, the EU banking system and the Eurozone itself have been circling the drain since January of this year. Now they’re going in. Half the news media will tell us this has been common knowledge for months, the other half will tell us how unexpected and sudden it all is. Keep an eye so when it’s our turn the tipoffs will be that much more obvious.

art-link-symbol-small.jpg Europe bank run is under way, Constantine von Hoffman at CBS News, Friday May 25th.

art-link-symbol-small.jpg Spain: 5 banks downgraded, Bankia seeks 19 billion euros in aid, Tiffany Hsu at the Los Angeles Times, Friday May 25th.

art-link-symbol-small.jpg Theresa May: we’ll stop migrants if euro collapses, Winnett and Kirkup at The Telegraph UK, Friday May 25th.

art-link-symbol-small.jpg Are The Europeans About To Start The Second Half Of Our Great Depression?, Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge, Saturday May 26th.

art-link-symbol-small.jpg Lloyd’s ‘has plans for euro collapse’, at BBC News, Sunday May 27th

art-link-symbol-small.jpg Swiss Prepare Plans in Case of Euro’s Demise, Anita Greil at Wall Street Journal, Sunday May 27th

art-link-symbol-small.jpg Newedge Leaves Greek Stock Market, Will Only Execute Sell OrdersFinancial Times via Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge, Sunday May 27th

art-link-symbol-small.jpg In European Debt Crisis, ‘The Street Has Taken Control’, Michelle Cabrera at CNBC, Monday May 28th.

Fjordman: Why We Need The British Freedom Party

The Brits begin to stand against the State.

Lessons there are to be learned from these folks, what?


Memorial Day, 2012: What We’ve Become

Charles Hugh Smith speaks the hard truth:

…Incentivize victimhood, fraudulent accounting of income/collateral, and gaming the system, and guess what you get?

A nation of liars and thieves.

All of whom claim, “I had no other choice.”

That is a sickness that cannot be cured with a pill…

It will get worse.

Alea iacta est.

WROL In Oklahoma

Will Grigg explains.

Here we are.

Imagine where we’ll be.

Happy Memorial Day, America.

Good News

Police Misconduct Project Moves To Cato Institute

New link is

Update your logs, please.

More Triumphs For Voting And Democracy

Yay, America!

Yay, NATO!

Yay, DHS!

Yay, FBI!



As linked by Ms. Wolfe.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

The Hearts Of Individuals

From Improved Clinch.

Posting will be sparse for a while.

LF: Homestead Defense Case Study – Part I

Worth the time, as usual.

How’s your plan coming?

Tempus fugit.

Buppert: No

If we distilled the essence of freedom down to one singular and crucial element, it is no more than the right of refusal.

Choose freedom.

Into The Sea

Kevin Baker links to Bill Whittle’s synthesis of the AF447 crash and the current scene.

Brace for impact.

Field Medical Training

From SFMedic:

This course can be offered at your location and can be tailored for a two day non-medically trained responder program or a more advanced 4 day course suitable for a MD, EMT, PA or RN who wishes to learn to treat front-line combat injuries.

The advanced course of instruction is designed to present you with challenging and cutting edge combat medical training. All of these lessons learned from the battlefield may be applied to various types of unexpected disasters and first responder events. This type of medical training is vital to mitigate the loss of life when an incident occurs.

We are dedicated in training you to effectively save the life of a “Warfighter” using operational emergency medical care, understanding unique military wounding and understanding the pre-hospital environment.


The Final Day will involve field training exercises which will bring together all skills learned from training. Building muscle memory, to rely on, is critical for mission success. The student will participate as a team member involving rural and urban hostile actions.

Contact info:

Your Shooting Buddies

From a galaxy far away, a long time ago…

The discussion began with a very experienced and right-minded shooter discussing the need for rigor in teaching the proper use of a sling during basic rifle marksmanship training.

Another hard-hearted, very competent man then replied:

In my experience, really becoming effective with sling-supported positions takes a lot of time, some painful stretching of unused muscles, and a reasonable height/weight ratio. In USMC bootcamp, we spent an entire 6day/12hour week “snapping-in” on reduced size targets before allowed to bust a single live round. The “snapping-in” was interspaced with classes on sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, doping the sights for range and conditions, and of course, sling-supported positions. It hurt every single &*%$#! day and was one of the most tedious and exhausting weeks of boot camp.

My current observations suggest that all you can reasonably hope to achieve over the course of a single day event with civies is to help them understand the very basics and motivate them to push forward on thier own time. There is no way to shortcut poor physical condition and lack of skill in one day. To get the most out of these events they need to do their share and bring something to the table. Once they get tired and sore, this “exciting” new shooting sport with the lofty historical overtures doesn’t seem so much fun anymore. Always makes me wonder just how they think they are going to handle the third day of hard wilderness pursuit, with the stress of knowing their family, friends and business associates are seeing thier face all over TV portrayed as a “murderer”.

A friend of mine used to say concerning women, “When you are eyeing that good looking gal in short skirt and heels, you really need to picture her sitting across a very expensive desk with her very expensive lawyer as they lay out their new plan for your finances.”

It’s also pretty sage advice for the lovers of liberty. It’s all internet back slapping and “I love ya man”, but the reality of it is battle rifles are for killing other men, folks that are respected and loved by the majority. Their killing is not going to have folks standing up and cheering.

It’s going to scare the *^%! out of most.

Let me tell you one more thing about killing and the effect it has on your peers. It scares the folks around you and they will think of you differently. Killing in self-defense in the heat of the moment with a group is very different than striking from ambush or even mounting a well-done raid. This concept should not to be taken lightly, nor should the effects it will have on you and your peers, which at that point will be a very small few indeed by the security issues related to your new legal status.

Ever consider what you are going to have do when one of your life long buddies decides he has made a big mistake and wants to go home?

Point being you really can’t think of your “shooting buddies” as they are eating dinner and drinking some beers after the shoot. You need to think of them under very different circumstances. I bring this up because spending the time and money to shoot well are just tiny parts of the big picture and folks that don’t have the gumption to stay in shape and bring minimal skills to the table now don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever being effective.

I know this got a little side tracked from sling positions, but not really. IMO, they are both a mental thing. There are no secrets to good shooting – the skills are well documented. It’s just a matter of deciding you are going to do it.

All mental.

Robb: The Soviet Supermarket Endgame

(click to enlarge)

To begin, think a bit on this quote from Uncle Joe:

…Could we have undertaken such an offensive against the kulaks five years or three years ago? Could we then have counted on success in such an offensive? No, we could not. That would have been the most dangerous adventurism. It would have been playing a very dangerous game at offensive. We would certainly have failed, and our failure would have strengthened the position of the kulaks.


Because we still lacked a wide network of state and collective farms in the rural districts which could be used as strongholds in a determined offensive against the kulaks. Because at that time we were not yet able to substitute for the capitalist production of the kulaks the socialist production of the collective farms and state farms…(emphasis added)

Now, with that passage in mind, read this piece by John Robb on the imperative of local food production.

Close by enlarging the graphic above and contemplating the massive centralization of commercial food production and distribution that has occurred in the past 30 years.

As Robb notes:

…As with all extremely centralized systems, particularly those that attempt to operate at a global scale, our centralized system will break down. When it does break down, the result will be very similar to what we’ve seen numerous times before: empty shelves.

As that happens, local production will step in to replace it, accelerating its demise. How fast depends on you…

Food is a weapon, people – used over the ages by tyrants to suppress those who dare oppose them.

It can and will be used against you.

Or you can use it in support of you and your tribe.

Your choice.

ND: Resistance S4

The latest from Mosby.

“…The only thing I humbly ask is to quit living as a slave and do something proactive about it.”


Maggie’s Farm: In The Eye Of Big Brother


And see also this gem (subscription required):

FCC to launch drone inquiry
By Brooks Boliek
5/24/12 5:32 AM EDT

The FCC will launch a proceeding Thursday that could allow drones or other aircraft to fly into the sky to restore some communications in times of emergency.

While the commission action sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, deployable aerial communications architecture has the ability to temporarily restore critical communications – including emergency response and 911 calling – when land-based services are knocked out. It’s one of three items on the agenda for the commission’s meeting, the first in months with five commissioners.

In essence the commission is talking about sending self-powered cell towers into the sky that run on 3G, LTE, or Wi-Fi service.

The FCC isn’t going to launch its own air force, but it thinks that using technology like the military uses on the battlefield can have peaceful uses.

Hurricane Katrina knocked out dozens of 911 call centers and millions of people lost their telephone service. DACA-enabled aircraft could fill in the gap until land-based communications are restored.

Before the new service can take off, however, the commission needs to figure out if there will be interference problems between a DACA-enabled aircraft and ground communications and how to activate the technology. By launching a notice of inquiry today, the commission begins to get answers to those questions.

Even as the commission is looking toward the skies, it also plans to take a closer look at the body. The agency is scheduled to approve new rules that free up airwaves for mobile body area networks.
MBANs technology allows patients’ vital signs and other information to be monitored wirelessly, using Band-Aid-like transmitters attached to the body that communicate with a hospital base station. Because MBAN technology uses the same frequencies that aircraft manufacturers use when they test aircraft, there was a fear that interference between the two could cause big problems, either with the patients or with aircraft testing the edge of the performance envelope.

An agreement between the Aerospace and Flight Test Coordinating Council and health-care technology providers like GE and Philips allowed the FCC to move ahead with its MBAN order.

The commission is also slated to increase the bandwidth wireless providers can use in the 800 MHz band to allow for more flexible use of that block of airwaves.

Stand by, Gyro-Man.

Barnhardt: First Republic Dead. Second Republic To Rise?

From Ann Barnhardt:


Warren Pollock twisted my arm and I got myself hooked up with a Skype setup. Scary.

Here is our first Skype interview/conversation. Warren wanted to go through the Constitution and show people how it is no longer a functioning document.

We only got through the Preamble and the Bill of Rights. We didn’t even get to the Articles and the subsequent Amendments. Maybe we can do a follow-up video and talk about the fact that Congress hasn’t had a budget in over 1100 days in violation of Article 1, Section 8, and has essentially turned the U.S. Treasury over to the Obama regime for open looting. We also didn’t cover how Congress has violated the next clause in Article 1, Section 8 in which Congress is charged with punishing counterfeiting of the currency. If you have read Karl Denninger’s book “Leverage“, you know that banks have been naked shorting the U.S. dollar by making UNSECURED loans, which is COUNTERFEITING the issuing currency, which is, of course, U.S. Dollars.

We’ll cover those issues in subsequent videos.

I’m so glad that this video introduces the concept of the death of the First American Republic, and introduces the core question as to whether We The People will fight a counter-revolution and establish a Second American Republic, which will really be a re-assertion of the Constitution as Amended (and certainly a few of those Amendments should be repealed, namely the 16th and 17th, and one or two others added, namely term limits and a prohibition on abortion), and the re-assertation of the Rule of Law itself.

As Warren points out, if we keep looking backward at the First American Republic, which is already dead, and expect that horse to run, we’re toast.

We have to get our minds right before we can take even one productive step forward.


Smite the Kulak (1930)
We will smite the kulak who agitates for reducing cultivated acreage


Uncle Joe sez:

Iosif Stalin, Problems of Agrarian Policy in the USSR.
December 27, 1929

Speech at a conference of Marxist students on the agrarian question.

… The so-called theory of the “equilibrium” between the sectors of our national economy is still current among Communists. This theory has, of course, nothing in common with Marxism. Nevertheless, this theory is advocated by a number of people in the camp of the Right deviators.

This theory is based on the assumption that to begin with we have a socialist sector-which is one compartment, as it were-and that in addition we also have a non-socialist or, if you like, capitalist sector-which is another compartment. These two “compartments” move on different rails and glide peacefully forward, without touching each other. Geometry teaches that parallel lines do not meet. But the authors of this remarkable theory believe that these parallel lines will meet eventually, and that when they do, we will have socialism. This theory overlooks the fact that behind these so-called “compartments” there are classes, and that these compartments move as a result of a fierce class struggle, a life-and-death struggle, a struggle on the principle of “who will win?”

It is not difficult to see that this theory has nothing in common with Leninism. It is not difficult to see that, objectively, the purpose of this theory is to defend the position of individual peasant farming, to arm the kulak elements with a “new” theoretical weapon in their struggle against the collective farms, and to destroy confidence in the collective farms…

… Can we advance our socialized industry at an accelerated rate as long as we have an agricultural base, such as is provided by small-peasant farming, which is incapable of expanded reproduction, and which, in addition, is the predominant force in our national economy? No, we cannot. Can Soviet power and the work of socialist construction rest for any length of time on two different foundations: on the most large-scale and concentrated socialist industry, and the most scattered and backward, small-commodity peasant farming? No, they cannot. Can Soviet power and the work of socialist construction rest for any length of time on two different foundations: on the most large-scale and concentrated socialist industry, and the most scattered and backward, small-commodity peasant farming? No, they cannot. Sooner or later this would be bound to end in the complete collapse of the whole national economy.

What, then, is the solution? The solution lies in enlarging the agricultural units, in making agriculture capable of accumulation, of expanded reproduction, and in thus transforming the agricultural bases of our national economy.

But how are the agricultural units to be enlarged?

There are two ways of doing this. There is the capitalist way, which is to enlarge the agricultural units by introducing capitalism in agriculture-away which leads to the impoverishment of the peasantry and to the development of capitalist enterprises in agriculture. We reject this way as incompatible with the Soviet economic system.

There is a second way: the socialist way, which is to introduce collective farms and state farms in agriculture, the way which leads to the amalgamation of the small-peasant farms into large collective farms, employing machinery and scientific methods of farming, and capable of developing further, for such agricultural enterprises can achieve expanded reproduction.

And so, the question stands as follows: either one way or the other either back -to capitalism, or forward-to socialism. There is no third way, nor can there be.

The “equilibrium” theory is an attempt to indicate a third way. And precisely because it is based on a third (nonexistent) way, it is utopian and anti-Marxian…

The characteristic feature in the work of our Party during the past year is that we, as a Party, as the Soviet power,

a) have developed an offensive along the whole front against the capitalist elements in the countryside;

b) that this offensive, as you know, has brought about and is bringing about very palpable, positive results.

What does this mean? It means that we have passed from the policy of restricting the exploiting proclivities of the kulaks to the policy of eliminating the kulaks as a class. This means that we have made, and are still making, one of the decisive turns in our whole policy.

Until recently the Party adhered to the policy of restricting the exploiting proclivities of the kulaks…

… Could we have undertaken such an offensive against the kulaks five years or three years ago? Could we then have counted on success in such an offensive? No, we could not. That would have been the most dangerous adventurism. It would have been playing a very dangerous game at offensive. We would certainly have failed, and our failure would have strengthened the position of the kulaks. Why? Because we still lacked a wide network of state and collective farms in the rural districts which could be used as strongholds in a determined offensive against the kulaks. Because at that time we were not yet able to substitute for the capitalist production of the kulaks the socialist production of the collective farms and state farms…

… Now we are able to carry on a determined offensive against the kulaks, to break their resistance, to eliminate them as a class and substitute for their output the output of the collective farms and state farms. Now, the kulaks are being expropriated by the masses of poor and middle peasants themselves, by the masses who are putting solid collectivization into practice. Now, the expropriation of the kulaks in the regions of solid collectivization is no longer just an administrative measure. Now, the expropriation of the kulaks is an integral part of the formation and development of the collective farms. Consequently it is now ridiculous and foolish to discourse on the expropriation of the kulaks. You do not lament the loss of the hair of one who has been beheaded.

There is another question which seems no less ridiculous: whether the kulaks should be permitted to join the collective farms. Of course not, for they are sworn enemies of the collective-farm movement ….

Source: I. V. Stalin, Problems of Leninism (Moscow: Foreign Language Publishers, 1934), pp. 391-93, 408-9, 411-12.

LF: Applying Logical Processes In Planning and Execution of Homestead Defense

Read, think, do.

Tempus fugit.

Or, in Boyd-speak, the time for first-level observation and orientation is over.

Time to decide and act.

Then OODA-cycle again.


SHTF School: No Real Recovery

Get comfortable with change and to live worse…


Denouement Approaches

Act V, Scene iii of Gunwalker.

The Police State Is Here

Excellent short report; opener:

“There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom.”

Those are the words of Garet Garrett, the 20th-century journalist and writer, who lamented the collapse of the old Republic and the rise of the American managerial/administrative state — the consummation of which he had witnessed in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Garrett’s observation came to mind the other day as I was contemplating the current state of civil liberties and privacy in 21st-century America. Could it be that rather than fending off the possibility of a police state arising in the future, we are already confronted with the grim reality of one in the present?

Read the rest.

Kto, kogo?