Bill Nye links to the Camp Director’s Guidebook.

And they’ll even have S’Mores!

What do you think we’ll do for Arts and Crafts?

I can’t wait for school to be over.


31 responses to “Camp!

  1. I know what we’ll do. We’ll sit in our own corners and blame each other for all being put in camps.

    Then we’ll crucify anyone who makes an attempt to organize meaningful resistance, and disown them rather than actually uniting.

    After all, they likely double-spaced their writing, and we all know that true patriots use 1.5 spacing.

    Plus, the camp guards called them racists and religious nuts.

    So that makes them bad.

    After we forget all about that, we’ll go back to our corners of the camp and talk about hoarding our gruel and finding the next person to attack.

    Just my opinion though.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I know what we’ll do. We’ll sit in our own corners and blame each other for all being put in camps.”

      Optimist! I supsect a lot more people will find themselves very surprised to be standing naked, at the edge of a pit, in some relatively remote forest. The camps are only going to be for those who can be re-brained into being good little aparatchiks.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        The firing squad/pit scenario’s SO retro & also environmentally unenlightened.You SERIOUSLY need to get w/ the times & explore the efficient & truly green possibilities the tech sector offers. I mean REALLY, tearing a gaping wound into the loving bosom of Mother Gaia, then just dumping in perfectly good compost/fuel source material, & there’s all that yucky lead contamination & the effect it & the noise pollution & toxic fumes from the shooting would have on wildlife, just what kind of monster ARE you to even contemplate committing such HORROR against the planet & its innocent creatures?

        If you don’t want to be sponsored for extended fellowship at a Spiritual Re-Harmonisation Centre, you’d best get your warped mind right & FAST!

        Cassandra (of Troy)

  2. theelectorretards

    Now that is funny, true… sad…… yet flippin funny.

  3. AP, Good but you left out the part where moles are accused – must mean yer a mole too. 🙂

  4. theelectorretards


    I know, it’s all good and you are welcome.

  5. theelectorretards

    Moles? are they kinda sorta like secret squirrels?

  6. Some folks might use this as an occasion to begin practicing shots at targets in elevated positions.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Now THAT is just the kind of thing an agent provocateur would…say……OMG, AP……Agent Provocateur……AHA, you dastard, you are DISCOVERED, your arrogance has betrayed you!

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  7. Makes “Vandenburg” a whole lot more relevant huh?

    • Prairie Fire

      Don’t drink any coffee that is not made by you. The blend of others’ fine beans, might just cause a person to change his mind.

      Searchers might try Oliver Lange, “Vandenberg”, and “Defiance.” 1971, quite some time ago.

      • Prairie Fire

        Vandenberg/Defiance brings out the concept of the tactical use of the hunting rifle that just got picked up into the user’s hands, although that concept is not developed in the book.

        The use of a picked-up hunting rifle has had introductory posts about it here on WRSA, maybe five times and with the usual illustrative diagram, as it sells the idea of aiming under balls and over head, the 600y zero (y and m are interchanged, depending on what pic from what manual, some pics talk about the older -06 match round ballistics rather than 7.62.) As Reagan may have said, trust but verify.

  8. oughtsix

    There is ample, reasonable and good reason for the kind of snarky pessimism I see above and frequently on this and many another Liberty blog……


    Fuck all that shit and the horse it rides, to the fucking DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m way past up to here with it. You might as well be doing opfor’s bidding. Perhaps you ARE. Displaying your “realistic assessment” in “clever sarcasm” does……


    …but spread despair and help assure the defeat of Liberty, and we, ourselves.

    Defiance and outrage reflect better upon us, and better enable the outcome……..

    Got Righteous Wrath????

    What, a seventy year old grandfather gotta lead you twats to action?

    Camp, my dyin’ ass.

    • 🙂

      That’s the spirit. I likey, and am glad you expressed it here.

      See? My pessimism and snark DOES serve a purpose.

      The true reason behind it? I have embraced fully what is coming. My fire is now reserved for the gym and other off-internet activities. I have fully expressed myself online over the past year.

      Now all that is left is to provoke thought and help others.

      Toward that end, your response is encouraging.


      • oughtsix

        Sorry, AP, but it was your very first post above to which I was referring.

        That’s a very bleak view of our future with little to indicate a humorous intent. Perhaps I’m just too thick to catch that you were being sly. Now, Cassandra’s stuff is obviously and excruciatingly funny (kudos, C.) and I get all that about poking fingers in the eyes of the Enemy, folks.

        I stand by my first comment that I see way too much of the gloom and doom all around the Liberty sphere. It’s one thing to look reality in the eye and another to sink in to despair, accepting the inevitability of its worst aspects.

        As I said, I’m a geezer, albeit one in pretty good shape. I can still see and shoot better than most but humping major ruck across rough country is probably out. I neither look nor feel my age but I will not likely be around to see how it all comes out, nor will I play as much of a role as I would like… hence my impatience, not to mention my outrage at what has been done to my country. I remember an America that would have been horrified by the present. (And, please, don’t lecture me on “how we got here”. I lived and bear witness to most of it.)

        As you were, carry on, smoke ’em if you got ’em… or when you get a good sight picture!

        • I remember an America that would have been horrified by the present.

          For your loss, I am sorry. I cannot imagine watching this happen for decades upon decades.

          As for my original post, it is part dark humor, part reality. I see nothing in the way of objective evidence to point to anything other than that. As I’ve said, I’ve re-directed my fire elsewhere. That was an attempt to make what I have said not happen. Show folks how sad a future can be, and perhaps they’ll stop things when they see it happening.

          • oughtsix

            AP, I’m with you most of the time and all the way, if you get my drift.

            I’m not one to divide by ideological quibbles or to pick fights over ego. I also don’t hold back but, as for you and most folks here, it’s all good.

            Did I mention my impatience? I’d like to be able to get in some good licks on the traitors and their enablers while I can still see and shoot! All who love the America you identify on your blog owe the sons of bitches ten fold.

    • Grenadier1

      I feel you on this frustration. Just keep in mind that many people deal with the harsh reality of shit by making fun of it. Of course some guys are just clowns and it matters not what is put in front of them they will do nothing but make light or bitch and whine.
      I dont put these guys in that category by any means.

  9. Its going to take alot of THEM to get me and mine into a cattle car… WAY TO LONG ON TALKING…….We will know the TIME… Just WAITING !!!!!!

    Enjoy the video……


  10. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Funny how a field manual has a destruction notice of such somber tone since by description their distribution is supposed to be widespread. And as far as eating S’Mores supplied by the goons, uh, make that Community Wellbeing Assistance Personnel goes, no thankee, I don’t like tofu in the first place, my doctor would disapprove of the kind of chemicals that’re likely to be included therein in the second place, & in the third place that stuff doesn’t get you high anyway, just makes you pliant, goofy, or jittery weird. No fun there!

    Cassandra (of Troy)

    • oughtsix

      Community Wellbeing Assistance Personnel ….

      or, CWAP, for the acronymically crazed toady class.

  11. Cassandra (of Troy)


    What G1 said. Remember that the opposition’s intent is to get its target to behave rashly & thereby self-demonize after which it can be dealt w/ at leisure & w/o outcry from the rest of the audience. A humorous attitude from an enemy about them/their efforts puzzles & then enrages them as ridicule’s one of their main tactics & they can’t handle its use on them. Also understand that once they realize that said attitude isn’t bravado or a denial mechanism, they get unsure, then nervous, & then scared because it shows that the enemy’s confidence is intact & their own doctrine says that such a mindset is crucial to eventual victory.

    I’m not going all Bobby McFerrin by any means as they are dangerous & can do a great deal of damage, but at the end of the day they’re just punkasses, so why not laugh at them & make ’em even nuttier?

    Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Right on.

      I’ve embraced it in all of its ugliness. I am prepared to stand and not bend.

      It’s not all puppies and rainbows, but it is what it is. I’m burning my fire right now on some upper back and arms work, then off to weighted rifle PT.

      I will live and die like a man. These “rulers” cannot change my decision. Nor can they yours.

      Stand and do not bend.