Volk On Freedom: Sadie

Oleg warms even a cynical heart.

Start small, miss small.

8 responses to “Volk On Freedom: Sadie

  1. A joy forever.

  2. It might seem like fun on a nice day, teaching a girl to be safe and functional with a carbine, but what is happening is that Western Civilization is being saved in a small way. She is being inoculated slightly against the background meme of mass-media, passive subservience to central control, and public schools. If her parents keep showing and teaching real things for the next 8 years (at least), she will be extraordinary.

    There is hope yet.


  3. Yeah – if that isn’t one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen, you need a new heart.

  4. Witchwood


  5. brocktownsend

    We will be stopping to see him after the SCV deb ball in July and please check your email.

  6. Graves of Carolina

    Beats the hell out of the program the collectivists have for Julia.

  7. My kids started around the same age. It’s a real joy teach a child to properly handle a firearm. When my son got a few years older I took to an Appleseed weekend clinic, where marksmanship was placed in the context of our heritage. Great job recognizing parenting is a contact sport!

  8. Teresa Sue

    Nice. I’ve been wondering what to start my granddaughters out on, now I know what to look for.
    Miss Violet