“We are gutless, worthless frauds with absolutely no core principles.”

David Codrea gives the Gunwalker update.

8 responses to ““We are gutless, worthless frauds with absolutely no core principles.”

  1. brocktownsend

    Gutless to the core, sad to say. Posted.

  2. FN quislings. They need to read up on what happens to collaborators. I think that Dante called it right when he had traitors in the final circle of hell.

  3. millerized

    Please tell me you weren’t expecting different? Please tell me you didn’t hold any hope in the Dead Elephants any more than you did the Dead Jackasses? Seriously? The fix was in long before anyone even knew about F&F, and much like a gnat flying around in a swarm of angry bees, being called (insert whatever you like, it matters not) isn’t even an annoyance to them any longer. We simply don’t exist in their world. The sooner everyone realizes this, the sooner we can start removing them from any and any and all public offices, by any means necessary.

  4. Grenadier1

    I am glad the effort was made to expose this scandal as it continues to delegitimize the government but I never expected it to strike home and actually have an impact.

  5. I surprised they even mention this, since they don’t intend to do anything about it. Guess they have to keep up the appearance of “doing something” as long as they can, to keep the peasants from lighting the torches. Pity is, when the tornadoe in the junkyard is roaring along because of their treachery, it will take the innocent along with the guilty. We live now on the edge of madness.

  6. I’m. Meh.

  7. People, please. Calm down. Like illegal immigration, rampant government expansion, market manipulation, currency debasement, widespread corporate and goverment fraud, regulatory capture, unlimited entitlements, balanced budgets, debt limits, taxation, gun rights, constitutional government, and sound money, this is *NOT* the hill to die on. We’re saving our political capital for an IMPORTANT issue. Trust us. By the way, have you donated to our party coffers lately? Hintedy-hint-hint.