NWFLA PatCon: June 9-10, Pine Log State Forest

Fellow Floridians and Patriots,

I’m sure you all know that the hour is late and a great challenge lies before us.

Now is the time to network and build alliances.

I have secured a location for a meet and greet at Pine Log State Forest:


We can use the Pavilion near the camp grounds on June 9 and 10. There is camping there and more comfortable lodging nearby.

Here is the tentative schedule– Saturday 9-5, barbecue supper follows meeting. Sunday 9-?. Please RSVP in the comments so as I can figure on how much BBQ will be necessary.

Thanks, and I hope to see you there.

Jim Bravo

13 responses to “NWFLA PatCon: June 9-10, Pine Log State Forest

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  3. 3 of us will be there. Any recommendations on hotels in the area?


  4. Jim Bravo

    Great! The Ebro Hotel is probably the closest and cheapest. I’ve never stayed there, though. Further south you can find a wide range of lodging from miserly to opulent. It is PCB, afterall.

  5. Michael Downing

    Looking at making the trip from NC for the event. Will camp or stay at closet local hotel depending on weather. May bring others. I will up date you as we get closer.

  6. I’ll be there as well. Hope to bring my son and some neighbors also. Will keep you posted.

  7. Count 2 in from Georgia!

  8. One (possibly two or more) from just around the corner…thanks for putting this together.

  9. Jim Bravo

    Not a problem. It’s worth it just to meet like minded folks and talk solutions. I’m glad to see such a response.

  10. Jim Bravo

    Just out of curiosity, is anyone planning to attend that also attended TL’s event?

  11. FYI…The http://ebromotel.com/ has rooms at $55.00 a night for a double bed. Looking at the pictures it looks nice.


  12. Michael Downing

    Circumstances make it undesirable for me to be a 9 hour drive from home over the next few days so I will not be making the trip. Safe trip to all who do go and I hope the meet up goes well…

    • Jim Bravo

      I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure we will meet another time. I hope all turns out well for you.