Fjordman: Why We Need The British Freedom Party

The Brits begin to stand against the State.

Lessons there are to be learned from these folks, what?


5 responses to “Fjordman: Why We Need The British Freedom Party


    Sounds good. But, good luck trying to attain it when you don’t have an Enfield or a Bren to back it up.

  2. The Quiet Man

    I hope that enough Brits get behind this and that it’s not already too late. I suspect it is, but I sure would be happy to be wrong about that. Of course, many of the problems our British cousins are experiencing are ones that we are too…or will be soon. And the patriot movement in this country is slow moving due mainly to the fact that the vast majority of the citizenry don’t believe there is a need for it. They don’t understand that the enemies of America have been stripping the greatness from American culture right in front of their very own unquestioning eyes and that those enemies of America are American citizens themselves. Sadly, we have a cadre of our own people who have been working furiously at scrubbing the pride in being American and our uniqueness from our young people…and many of those young people are no longer young and they have children of their own now…if not broken soon this cycle of doom will be self-perpetuating and unstoppable. I hope WE’RE not too late…

  3. I second JM Johnson’s post.
    Yelling “Stop! Or I’ll stomp my foot and pout!” has historically never worked with tyrants.
    An unarmed people is an enslaved people, with NO options for regime change. Absolutely NONE.

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    It’s encouraging, but history has made me a cynic. There were a fair number of peasant uprisings during the feudal age, and mostly they just resulted in a lot of dead peasants. The nobility does not stand for the rabble standing for itself.

  5. Grenadier1

    The European Muslim will very shortly see what happens when real Euros get pissed. Not the suit wearing weenie socialist Euros. The soccer thug knuckle-dragging viking Euros. The last time the perfect storm of economic chaos met sociital chaos 30 million people got killed. I suspect the lessons of that little escapade will be put into place and the Germans wont keep as detailed a record this time. Less evidence for the trials that will follow. I wonder if the Muslims are taking into account the fact that the western world has little sympathy for their “historical plight” very much different than the last victims of the perfect storm.