Wolfe: The Temptation Of The Blue Pill

Ms. Wolfe speaks to the Remnant.

Stay strong.

Take leave, if necessary.

But come back.


14 responses to “Wolfe: The Temptation Of The Blue Pill

  1. LastPatriotTurnOutTheLights

    This is what going off the blue pill looks like:

  2. One man’s blue is another man’s red.

    You could force the other guy to take the color you choose, but then what pill have you just chosen for him? And for yourself?

    You could also shoot the other guy for taking the “wrong” pill, or for choosing not to take the “right” pill.

    I’m coming to think that there’s a far sight more to this “freedom” thing than just the ability to whistle how one wishes, or to choose to be an offensive jerk. Sure, those are a part of it, but not all of it.

    It’s a bit more complicated than doing the grown-up equivalent of saying, “you’re not the boss of me!“.


    • “One man’s blue is another man’s red.”
      If we are to rely on the whims of men then you are correct. One is as good as the other.
      The truth on the other hand does not change color or appearance it has no interest in doing so as it just is. Trust in God, the real one not the myriad of false ones offered up by collectivists. It is His wrath being poured out.

    • ghostsniper

      “Minding one’s own business.”
      There is not enough of that going on anymore.
      Everybody wants to mind everyone else’s business while neglecting their own. This creates two initial problems.

      One, the person doing the minding is preventing the other person from minding their own business.
      Two, the person doing the minding is NOT minding his own business.

      These things create third and fourth problems.

      Third, if the minder is neglecting his own business, how does his business get done and if it doesn’t what is the impact on others?
      Fourth, if the minder is preventing others from minding their own business, while neglecting his own, how are others supposed to get their business done?

      Each person only has room in their life to conduct their own business and if they spend their life minding the business of others they are wasting their own life and the lives of others and this is contemptible and should be abolished, shunned and not tolerated by all freedomists everywhere.

    • Anonymous

      Truth is an accurate statement about the universe. Truth is absolute and exists external to humans, no matter what humans want to believe about it. Truth is not affected by humans wishing in speech or thought, that idea is named “magic” and it is myth.

      [freedom is] a bit more complicated than doing the grown-up equivalent of saying, “you’re not the boss of me!”.

      Freedom has one complication: only 1 in 100 or so humans want freedom, the remaining 99% want to enslave the other humans. To retain freedom you have to fight the American revolutionary war constantly, forever. Why don’t you start figuring out how to do that cheaply?

  3. “One man’s blue is another man’s red.”

    Sorry, AP. This time you’re wrong. You are arguing just like the leftists do, that Truth (reality) is “whatever I believe (wish) it to be.” Your “truth”, my “truth”, whatever, Man.

    The blue pill symbolizes somnambulance, sleepwalking through delusion, even willfully. The red pill means wide awake, facing reality unblinking, accepting life as it is, and your personal responsibility along with it.

    So I fail to see the moral equivalency you’re apparently trying to assert here.

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  5. Funny, not in a laughing way, the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about the Matrix, would it have been better to take the red pill? My wife thinks I crazy, “friends” I thought were, aren’t. There is no going back and forgetting what you know is true. Just waiting for that line (don’t know exactly what it is, but feel I will know it when it is) to be crossed.

  6. A reminder. The red pill was to stop the “status quo” thinking and enable reality to be experienced for the resistance. The blue pill was a placebo to enable the person to remain within the status quo.

    There was no pill to enable the anti-resistance, which we see now and will experience more fully as time goes by. The anti-resistance is and will be by other humans, not an outside force.

    We know that during the American Revolution, the war of secession from Britain, approximately 30-35% of Americans supported the resistance, fully 40% opposed it, and about 25% were “well, whatever” types. Of those that supported the resistance, only about one third were “very active” and of those only about one third wielded weapons against the forces attempting to stop the secession.

    Still, we won, until the ratification of the current Constitution, which canceled out much of what had been fought for from 1776 to 1783.

    There are those that have been a part of the resistance for a long time already. The League of the South will hold its 19th Annual Conference this year. The League is the institution that has made secession a household word once again, all through their tireless efforts. How many readers of this blog have been involved in the resistance for 19 years?


  7. Hell, I’m tempted to take a nap often, and sometimes do. But lookin’ back only tells me where I’ve been. I woulda, coulda, shoulda. Baby I was wrong to ever, let you down, but I did what I did, before LOVE came to town. So there ya are. Been a member of said Resistance since 1980. Yeah, I’d like to dope off, too. But life is a shit sandwich, and everyday you gotta take another bite. Maybe I can have some of someones tasty beverage to “wash it down”. You ever read the Bible, Brad?

  8. bpfreebuckeye

    Who hasn’t thought about that at one point or many. It is an easy to understand analogy. The real meat of this post is in the second link, the essay by Jay Nock first printed in the Atlantic Monthly in 1936. Thank you for sharing that CA, I haven’t seen it before, definitely need to look into more of his work.
    GS & Oughtsix, I think you’re right about AP’s post as well, the truth is the truth, man’s whims are not relavant.
    AP, you aren’t setting up a false dichotomy for the sake of argument are you..? When of them shows for the masses…?
    As Mr Nock points out in his essay, very well I might add, the masses don’t mean sh!t. Ignore them, the Remnant is what is important & you have no idea who, where, or when you will meet, see, contact, or influence them, heck half the time they won’t know themselves. Speak to them none the less, with the truth. Anything else is intellectually dishonest, they will know it, & they will spit you out like the worthless crap you espouise.

  9. bpfreebuckeye

    Sorry, espouse…

  10. Atlas Shrug

    When I first read Nock’s essay years ago, I immediately felt relief as I had finally found a perspective which accurately described my personal feelings (and consequently validated them). Since then I’ve often characterized myself as a part of The Remnant. I recommend reading it to others often, and try to re-read it at least one or twice a year. ‘Bout time again……may watch The Matrix again soon too, since I also try to do that periodically. Good stuff, as they say.

    Keep your powder dry,

    Atlas Shrug

  11. Jay Nock… wish I’d found him and that essay long ago.