Shenandoah: The Collapse Is The Easy Part

JohnGaltFLA looks over the horizon.

Stay the course.

More food, water purification, and ammo.

And keep building tribe.


7 responses to “Shenandoah: The Collapse Is The Easy Part

  1. The Rifleman NextDoor

    looks like I’m gonna have to buy those solar panels a lot sooner than i can afford to…

  2. Who is John Galt?
    And who is John Galt Fla?
    He’s made a real good living peddling doom and gloom for a long time, now.
    Anybody remember Ravi Batra? At least he didn’t hide behind a pseudonym, but his predictions were worthless.

    What I see from JGF is a lot of recycled material that smarter people have done the real leg work on. I’d recommend the Daily Reckoning as a far better and more realistic view of what’s going on.

    The ability to print money is an amazing power, and the Powers That Be are not afraid to use it in industrial quantities. When exactly is the day the dollar dies? If it never comes can I get my money back from JGF?

    I didn’t think so.

  3. Must agree re JFG’s credibility. His maaaany bogus calls have ranged from US Marines on the ground in Gaza, to Swiss banks collapsing under bad Ukrainian loans, to Jefferson County Alabama declaring bankruptcy and bringing the entire system down with it. JFG: No skillz, No credibility. No accountability.

  4. JGfla is a little quick on declaring teotwoawki, but he does link to some interesting stuff. His recommendation to buy silver in the low teens was dead-on, but he also recommended buying in the high 40’s. The message is like that of a real estate agent “there’s no better time to buy than now!” but from someone who works/partners with a coin/bullion sales shop.

    Some stuff found at JG’s site is plain old common sense: Own some quantity of water, some food, be capable of defending yourself, keep clean, be able to keep warm, be able to treat injuries and move on foot. I learned this stuff in Boy Scouts and during military service, and nothing has changed.

    The Just Measures Radio (John Galt streaming Radio show), sponsored by Just Measures Coin Shop, is predictably very pro-physical-metals. This doesn’t mean that they are wrong, or lacking skillz. Mocking clips from CNBC is what they deserve. The Chicita banana (La Republica Banana Esadados Unitas) doom report is nothing short of knee-slapping fun. There is no accountablity anywhere, and credibility is what ever you think.


    • Your list covers a little humor for those with that kind of taste and links to other folks’ work. By accountability I meant his responses when asked about this or that fizzle he called. Simple questions. The man LOSES it.

      To each his own I guess…

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    I think part of the reason people have become numb to how bad things are is precisely because of the endless litany of “IT’S ALL COMING DOWN, RIGHT NOW!” calls from 2007 forward. Too many Armageddon warnings dilute their value – even though eventually one of them will be right.

  6. Cassandra (of Troy)

    The abandoned children scenario will prove intensely problematic for many of those (such as the Archbishop & His Most Holy Order of the Knights for Decency & Constitutional Restoration, L.L.P.) who believe that they can survive a general socio-economic collapse & its consequent barbarism w/ their lofty morals intact. Guess those folks haven’t heard of gangs & seen who comprises their membership. Hint: The Dickens model no longer applies. Addtl hint: The sexist males only model is also passe.

    It’ll be interesting to see how such as the aforementioned self-appointed arbiters of martial morality will address that nasty reality w/o violating their segregationist philosophy. And then there’s the question of what to do about those like the Quakers/similar whose religious/ethical beliefs forbid the use of violence for any reason.

    What to do, what to do……

    Cassandra (of Troy)